Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pickers Meets Hoarders...

Just a few hundred yards northeast of Sheppard Road along I-35 between Von Ormy and Lytle you can see a house from the highway that is one non-stop garage sale.  My wife refers to the place as Sanford and Son's.  Well of course we had to stop in and take a look around.
There were some metal lawn chairs that had caught my eye but upon closer inspection, they were a little too rusty for the asking price.  But we did walk around the areas that were safe to explore and I thought I might share a picture or two.

I've mentioned our fascination with the show Hoarders and upon entering the yard, there was definitely a sense that this was a little bit closer to that than your standard thrift shop.  Many things were clearly placed into categories and like items, but a lot of it was just junk.  I was eager to see the pile of mummified cats, but we didn't venture into the house.
 We did peek in a bit, and I have to admit that if I had some safety gear and perhaps a shotgun, I might like to wander around a bit.  I just know there are some treasures inside this place that those guys from American Pickers would love to make a deal on.
I saw these little metal frogs sitting on tiny chairs and I didn't even bother to ask the nice older gentleman watching over the place how much he might let them go for.  I don't know why, but I feel like I may regret that.  They are just too odd not to want to throw into a garden, but I didn't bother.
By the way, do you need a fire hydrant?  This one seems to be available.
There was a lot to see out on the property but we started to chicken out once the carpet that had been laid down as a path stopped and the weeds made it safe for snakes and rats to hold their ground.  Perhaps we could go back with a weedeater next time and get a better look at things.


MsBelinda said...

Sanford and Son is a good description for it.

I too would of been weary of snakes.

The frog couple is cute. I used to have some in my yard years ago until the neighborhood children finished them off.

Dave said...

You need a BB gun for those little neighbors!

rescuepurplekisses said...

I might have to go ask "Fred" how much for the frogs...they're too cute! I also need a handle for a radio flyer wagon I picked up at the Devine flea market. You two find the coolest places/items in your travels.

Dave said...

Phyllis, you better get those frogs before I do!

rescuepurplekisses said...

It's on!! I get off work before you do! : )