Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now That is Customer Service...

This morning I got a few e-mails from DirecTV confirming that I had been charged $4.99 for The Tower Heist and another $1.29 or so for a phone access fee or some sort of nonsense.  Interesting.  My first reaction was that this was one of those Phishing e-mails where some prince in Africa is hoping to share millions of dollars from his kingdom if only I will help him get out of the country by showing a good faith effort of entering my name, date of birth, social security number, bank account number, password, mother's maiden name and semen sample.  I tend to skip my chance at the big pay day and send those e-mails directly to the Spam folder, but this one looked a little more legit.

So I logged into my direct TV account online to see exactly what was going on.  Sure enough, there it was on my account, saying that we had ordered The Tower Heist and a phone charge.  Obviously, we did not.  We had already had one incident where our niece's little girl (The Bee) tried to order Hangover 2, so I thought maybe we could be in the wrong here, but probably not.

For years, we had Time Warner Cable and I recall just hating to have to deal with their phone support.  Switching to UVerse in our last house (which rarely required any kind of customer support) was only about 90 percent better.  I have not really had to deal with DirecTV in any bad way, so I just got a cup of coffee and prepared myself for the worst.  

Imagine this:  I call the number, confirm the number I am calling from, speak to the machine long enough to tell it I have a problem with my bill, and in less than 20 seconds, I am speaking to a real live person.  A person who allows me to explain my issue without first going down a list of predetermined questions that are irrelevant to the problem.  Bree was her name, and Bree pulls up my account and says that according to the records, we had some issues with ordering directly from the box so we called in to have the movie manually authorized.  Before I had a chance to get upset or call BS, she asked me if the information they had was in error.  That is an awesome way to calm me right the F' down.  I assured Bree that neither me, my wife, nor any visitors to our home spoke with anyone from DirecTV during the time frame in question, and that we had not purchased or viewed the movie in question.

The entire investigation lasted less than two minutes and my account was credited.  Further, Bree asked me if we would like to have the ability to purchase PPV movies from our account and I said yes, since we can't even find time to watch 98 percent of the TV we are paying for already.  Done.

Thank you DirecTV for good customer service.  Now, go find out who watched The Tower Heist and had it added to my bill.  I'd start looking at all the rich princes in Africa.


Maureen said...

We love DirecTV. They were so easy to deal with when we moved, and one phone call took care of everything. We have Roadrunner with Time-Warner, and the SA office is not connected at all to the Dallas office, so multiple calls were involved and it was a general PITA. Not to mention I have to unplug my router just about every other morning so I can reconnect to the internet. Terrible first world problems!!

AlanDP said...

I had to call DishNetwork once for customer service. The first representative I talked to was so stupid I just hung up on her and tried again to see if I could get a different rep. The second time I did get a different rep and he had my problem fixed within 2 or 3 minutes. I don't know what the first one's problem was unless she was a janitor who had answered the phone by accident. A few other times I called, I immediately got someone who fixed my problem quickly, so overall, I have no complaints about DishNetwork, either. Since I don't live in S.A. I never had to deal with Time Warner, but I've heard horror stories about them.

MsBelinda said...

We live in Del Rio and unless you want to stare at a blank TV you have to have cable and Time Warner Cable services our area.

They have TERRIBLE customer service and it takes an act of congress to get a live operator.

Might need to look into DirectTV.

MsBelinda said...

BTW thank you for not having the two word fuzzy verification.

Dave said...

I have to admit, we would have never tried DirecTV if it had not been the only real option for us. I was worried about the whole issue of when it rains or is windy the signal going out. Really, just not the problem I thought it would be, and of course, the customer service vs. TWC is enough to seal the deal for me.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

AlanDP said...

When we first got satellite TV, it was way back when you had to buy the system and install it yourself, and I had DirecTV for a couple years, since that was what Radio Shack was selling.

I found Time Warner's "duh...I'm too stupid to read a compass" commercials extremely offensive. I had no problem at all installing it all by myself.

We switched to DishNetwork because they had better prices and a deal on getting 2 receivers at the time.

Wind won't affect the signal, but rain will if it's heavy enough. Most typical rains around here won't have any effect. If you can throw a garbage bag over the dish before it gets wet, it can help improve your recovery time, because even after it stops raining, if the dish is wet it will affect the signal.

I once had the signal go out when the sun was still shining, and after muttering a few choice "WTF?s" I looked outside and saw black clouds down south. By the time it started raining here, the clouds had moved far enough that the signal had already come back.

Christine Macdonald said...

For the amount of money it costs for cable, each Customer Service call should come with a foot rub and a cocktail.

Happy you are happy!

Dave said...

@Alan: I'm thinking garbage bags on the dish might be against some HOA technicality!

@Christine: each Customer Service call should come with a foot rub and a cocktail. They can make mine a double!


my friend babs has uverse and she's still recovering from it..she hates it..
I need to blog roll you again..when I switched over I lost a lot of blogs and have to search to find will add you again. and about your profile picture? it looks like a big tittied woman is standing over your head..made me laugh.

Dave said...

and about your profile picture? it looks like a big tittied woman is standing over your head

Yea. I can't take Eva anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Umm hello I do not Sag like that !!! Yet .
Evamarie :)

AlanDP said...

Oh, they also make fancy-shmancy dish covers if garbage bags aren't good enough for you.

Anonymous said...

try hitting 0 a bunch of times whenyou first connect, you WILL get thru!
And compared to TWC, Charter is without a doubt the worst!