Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lunch Report: Griff's...

There's another one we can mark off the big list of places we have been meaning to try.  I had driven by Griff's near the intersection of S.W. Military Drive and Pleasanton (or as people around her say, Plehzington Road) many times and I may have heard a few guys at work mention the place is good for a burger.  

Today was the day and we zipped in for a quick bite.  Not too bad.
Inside, the place looked clean but bare.  There were just a few posters showing menu items and that was about it as far as atmosphere goes.  There are some places (Lord's, Chris Madrid, Luther's, to name a few) where you can spend the entire time you are waiting for your burger gawking at memorabilia.  Griff's is more of a fast food place - Burger King without the awkward personality.
 When we ordered the place was empty so I thought it might go pretty fast.  I was wrong.  The drive thru lane clearly takes precedence, so we waited a bit to get our food, and when we did get it, they had forgotten to drop the onion rings Eva ordered.   
Eva had the fish sandwich.  She was fairly disappointed given that it seemed a bit overcooked.  You know my rule:  Never send anything back to the kitchen.
When her rings did arrive, they were better than some other fast food places, but given that they had forgotten them when we ordered, you'd have thought they would be piping hot.  Not so.  Still, not a totally loss as onion rings go.
I did get an order of Jalapeno Poppers just to try them out, and they were actually wonderful.  Though again, I question why they were not served hot but rather just warm, they were still better than what you get from Sonic or Church's.  It was my lucky day.  And, add to the list the fries that were closer to cold than warm.  Do these people not at least own a heat lamp?
 I ordered the double cheeseburger and aside from the meat possibly being overcooked for my tastes, it was actually a really good burger.  The bun was done right, it was served hot, cheese melted and it stayed together when I started taking bites from it. 

I'm not going to plan an outing or anything but I think I would go back to Griff's and I think what I would do is go through the drive thru and order the burger and some jalapeno poppers but skip the other stuff.

Have you tried Griff's?  Did you have a good experience?  Is there another place we need to add to our long list of burger places to check out when we get around to it?  Leave a comment, won't you?


MsBelinda said...

I have never eaten at Griff's but from your review if I do I will make sure I go through the drive-up window.

huckster said...

I have eaten at Griff's Hamburger stand before. In 1964
was the last time though. I was twelve years old and The best I can recollect they were darn good.
The french fries from Griff's were not the best but back then there weren't any McDonalds around compare them to.
My grandfather lived very close
by Griffs- north and west of Military Dr. and he would take me there semi-regularly, after Church etc. The burgers were .15 or twenty cents apiece back in 1964.
Imagine my amazement seeing that Griff's is still there and in business after all this time.
Another old time Hamburger stand
is Floyd's Dairy Bar just south on Goliad Rd. and Clark Ave. Floyd's sits almost directly across the street on Clark Ave, not Goliad, from S.A.'s first Bill Millers Restaurant. That is a strange three street intesection there at Goliad Rd. and Clark Ave.
Pretty good made to order burgers they were at FLoyd's, too, and today still with the same owners as when I used to eat there with my dad when I was only 6 or seven years old and at 5 for just one dollar it was a good deal I felt at the time, but then I wasn't footing the bill in 1958.

Dave said...

@Huckster: Now I wonder if this is the same Griff's - or at least if it is in the same building. The place certainly had been around for a long time, I just wonder if your 1964 burger has moved into a newer building.

I definitely would like to look into Floyd's.

Thanks for the comments!

huckster said...

Yea Dave, it is great to communicate ! I assumed this Griff's Burger's stand was the same one as always, located @ Pleasanton Rd. and Military Dr.. Not exactly. The stand was close to the intersection, about 2 hundred feet south of Military on the east side of Pleasanton ? How things have changed,at that intersection, used to be, on the N.E. corner was a tiny H.E.B. where my Grandfather used to sell pecans from trees he had picked up off the ground in his backyard for resale . Can you imagine trying to sell your hand collected pecans at an H.E.B. now?
I Google mapped it, street view, looked for it and the Griff's was gone and right , the business must not be in the same place anymore.
One other thing I ahould have mentioned before -that-Floyd's burger stand , was that there is the inconvenience of no indoor seating, only outdoor seating at some picnic tables under an awning that has always been there. The place hasn't changed at all. No carhops either like say, Sonic has. One must park, go to the window, place an order to the same skinny guy( unbelievable to me and my family @ five years ago- it was as if the place was frozen in time for many years ) that was still there, place an order, wait in the car or on the picnic table while they make the food. I would bet the skinny guy must be retired by this time. Maybe that tall, skinny guy was Floyd himself, but I think not.
I don't know. My brother does personally know the family
and still, knows them.
Floyd's Burger stand has same set up as the old time San Antonio Ice Houses had , outdoor seating in the shade on picnic tables. Still doing business the same way after all this time I thought was remarkable .

Dave said...

Well the HEB is still there - it has been remodeled though. The way you describe it, it could be that Griff's moved just a few doors down from the original location because it really isn't that far south of Military drive.

I do want to check out Floyds. I don't mind eating in the car if that's what it takes!

huckster said...

Maybe the location near Military Dr.and Pleasanton Rd. is the same- I may just dis-remember Griff's from so long ago. After all, I was, a little kid and one's perception of distances changes one heck of a lot as we age and wise up.

Dave said...

When I go through the drive-thru window, to get a burger and some jalapenos, I'll just ask!