Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Morning Report: Friends, Lulu's, Trees...

I mentioned last month that a buddy from my youth was coming in town with his wife to see a basic training graduation for their son.  We were able to get together a few times and share some old stories and such.
This is a picture of what we looked like back then.  I suspect I was a Senior in high school and he was a Junior at the time.  It seems odd to me now, but honestly, it was not uncommon for us to walk around without shoes or shirts.  Perhaps this is why you see all those signs in stores demanding shoes and shirts for service.  Scott is the skinny one on the left, I'm beginning my career as a pudgy guy on the right.
Of course, it was entirely too cold Saturday morning for us to strip down to shorts for a retake 30 years later.  But as you can see, Scott is still the skinny one on the left, and I have maximized my career as a pudgy guy on the right.  We are posing in front of Lulu's on Main.
Speaking of Lulu's... We had never dined there for breakfast before, so this was a chance to check it out.  I'll just cut to the chase and tell you that it was no Jim's.  Service was slow at best, and then when I went to pay the ticket, I paid with cash and our waitress could not seem to find anyone with change for a twenty.  I seriously thought it was one of those things where the waitress goes into the back and waits to see if you will get fed up and leave her with a an $11 tip on a $29 ticket.  For really good service and really good food, I just might consider it, but I was determined to wait her out, and finally, she returned with change close to ten minutes later.  I still gave her a $6.50 tip, but in a way, I think I am encouraging crappy service.
Importantly, the grits were horrible.  I mean, not good at all.  
 The Hungry Breakfast (or something like that) was okay.  We were all pleased with the hash-browns which we asked to be cooked "well done", and were served perfectly.   The bacon was okay and the toast was fine.  In the end, it was just breakfast and we enjoyed the company of our friends in spite of the less than stellar service.  I'm certainly not trying to come across as a whiner.
Almost a year ago, one of our friends suggested that it might be an interesting look to shine floodlights up into the trees in our yard.  We have several different areas where I have run electricity and up until now used rope lights to make it look fancy and also, provide some lighting when we are out there.
I purchased some cheap plug in light outlets so we could see if we would like the look.  In spite of my crappy photography skills, I think you can see that it does look cool, especially considering how pitch black it is out here.  I think we will experiment a little with moving the lights around just to see how to get the best look.  These picture don't do justice, but standing out in the back and seeing the three different sections all lighted up is pretty awesome.

Today, we will be installing new lighting fixtures on the front of our garage.  This will allow me to have some direct lighting near where I grill, since it seems like we always end up cooking out after the sun has set.  I did install one of those little LED grill lights on the handle of the grill, and surprisingly, it works fantastically, as long as it doesn't melt.

Perhaps we will also swing by a store and see if we can find a Thigh-master for my tree trunk style legs.


ctscribbler said...

Ahh-nold, you made me have a waitress flashback. My last waitress gig was 30 years ago, and I still have the dream where somebody wants something and I can't find clean dishes, have to wash them myself, then I realize I'm lost in a maze behind the kitchen, and all this time my table is waiting and waiting...arrrgh!

Slowly recovering,


Dave said...

I suspect these flashbacks are common. Eva often has anxiety dreams about her time managing McDonald's. I guess I'm stuck with the standard, can't seem to get the combination lock to my school locker open in time for class dreams.

Albatross said...

Importantly, the grits were horrible.

Let's try that again.

Always, grits are horrible.


Other than that, I can't argue with you on the breakfast at LuLu's. For the most part, it is "just breakfast", nothing to write home about. But I have tried those huge cinnamon rolls they are famous for, and I have to admit they are pretty good for a gimmicky pastry. It's just too much to eat.

Sabra said...

Service at Lulu's is always bad. The chicken fried steak with cheese sauce on it is good enough for me to put up with the service every so often, but not frequently (and I used to drive by there three mornings a week on my way to SAC).