Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Fire Hydrant...

The other day, Eva and I took a short drive over to the South Texas Market in Devine. We only go there once every few months and it only takes about an hour to walk through all the booths and shops, but you never know what you will find.
 This little fire hydrant bank caught my eye.  The guy selling it had it and one of those prank rattlesnake eggs envelopes on his table, and that was the extent of his business.  
It is 10" tall, not very heavy and is made out of thin metal like a coffee can. It looks like it has been banged up a bit.  I found the same one here, apparently sold on E-Bay at some point.  So the fact that I paid $8 for it probably makes me a chump, but I like it.  A little spray paint and we'll be good to go.  Now all we need is a tiny little dog to pee on it.

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