Friday, January 20, 2012

It Better Rain Tonight, And Hard...

I cut out of work early* this afternoon so I could stop by Home Depot** on the way home and still have some sunlight to unload the truck.  We have decided to do a little more landscaping while the weather is nice and I needed some 2X4's, 2X6's and of course, more Quickrete to form some curbs around some trees.  We love cement curbs at our house.

Anyway, I get home, eat a brisket sandwich from The Rib House that Eva had picked up earlier in the day, and commenced to unload the truck.  We put the boards on the ground to give us an idea where we would be building the curbs and then decided that I needed a few more boards.  I also realized that I needed several more bags of Quickrete, so I decided to make a trip into Lytle to hit True Value rather than drive back into San Antonio.  I unloaded ten 80 pound bags of concrete, then made the short trip to Lytle.

I got to True Value at 5:59, a minute before they close, and they welcomed me in to make my purchases without so much as a sarcastic rolling of the eyes.  I love the fact that the young employees are so friendly and helpful.  I paid for my stuff then drove my truck around to the loading area, and the young man who loaded up my truck (something that will never happen at the Home Depot on SW Military Drive), casually mentioned that I should put a tarp over the bed of my truck since it was going to rain.  I said I was just going a few miles up the road and I would unload it right away.  But then it hit me that he said rain.  I asked for clarification.  Did you say it was going to rain tonight?    Oh, yes, sir! he offered.  It is really going to come down tonight.

I gave the kid a tip which he refused adamantly but finally took when I dropped the wadded up bills in his hand and turned to my truck, then quickly drove back to to the house.  As soon as I got out here, I put on my gloves and loaded the ten 80 pound bags of Quickcrete back into the truck, then loaded all the lumber I had unloaded an hour earlier.  Then I put a tarp over the bed of the truck and pulled into the covered driveway.

Eva looked out the door and asked me why I was doing all this and I told her how the nice young man at True Value told me it was going to rain all night long. 

And just then, Bill Taylor from KENS-TV gave his weather forecast.  No rain until Tuesday.  There is no way that kid at True Value knew that I would be re-loading a truck full of lumber and cement based upon his rain advice, but if this was just the small town version of rolling the eyes sarcastically, I'm going back down there tomorrow and getting my tip back.

*Early for me generally means I only put in an 8 or 9 hour day.
**I think we prefer Lowe's over Home Depot, but I still shop both to keep the competition going. 


Anonymous said...

Great post! Keep 'em coming.

Dave said...

Okay, so there was some moisture in the air, but certainly no rain. My back hurts just thinking about it.

Maureen said...

He got you good. Hahahaha!!! Those country kids, they may look like they're not too bright but they are always thinkin'.

scott said...

so I got home, read almost all of the other blog, then the new ones and came to the conclusion that I must start my own blog. My life almost on a daily basis takes turns that are not foreseen. Thanks for the laughs and fajitas.

Dave said...

@Maureen: He got you good. Yea. He sure did. We went in today and that same kid was there. He offered no weather predictions and I offered no monetary tips.

@Scott: I must start my own blog. Hell, you could write a television mini series for Oprah's network, just on your visit to San Antonio. But a blog would be a good start.