Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interesting Creatures...

So we are used to catching glimpses, on film anyway, of these little guys with the long bushy tails.
Take note of the size of this little friend just trying to get a few snacks. For size, note the little block O' snack to the right of his head. 
Now look at the size of these ones.  Are they just huge foxes?  Are they actual coyotes?  Is this why the deer are hiding from us?  The tail looks very similar, but these are at least the size of our dog Gracie.  Yikes!


AlanDP said...

If you didn't see any coyotes I would be very, very surprised.

You should also see gray foxes.

ctscribbler said...

I think the big guy is a coyote. The ears are more fox-like, but the legs are way too long for a fox. Scroll down to the video clip here:

These guys look pretty much like your critters. Hope they're just passing through!


Dave said...

The neighbor on the other side of the empty lots next to ours says she had heard them. She has her own pack of Chows that would probably keep the coyotes at bay, but our Gracie is a little more dainty. I'll definitely go out with her in the morning and at night, at least until the deer come back.