Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who Doesn't Like Deer Pictures?

Going through the disk pulled from the deer cam this morning, I thought a few of these might be worth sharing with the group.
It's hard not to be impressed with this guy.  He is one of the bigger fellas that comes around for a little snack.
I know what it looks like, but that's just the angle of the shot.  These guys were not butting heads, but it is a neat looking picture anyway. 
Proof that our deer are friendly diners, they don't seem to mind sharing with the smaller crowd.
I really do enjoy it when they stop and pose for the camera.  Good sports!


Anonymous said...

I love these deer! Do you ever see them yourselves, or is it just on camera?

Dave said...

Oh no - the camera gets some good close shots but we see them ourselves "in person" every day.

Eva's desk in our office has a window that looks directly out to where the camera is set-up. The deer around here seem to have a routine of roaming from lot to lot since a lot of people seem to put out feed for them. So when they make their morning visit, Eva can sit there and watch.

They will also come by when we are outside. They are not spooked unless you make a sudden move - like trying to pull out a camera and get a really good shot. And of course, they just don't want to have a friendship with Gracie, the way she wants to have a friendship with them.

Because there are so many, we have to be really careful at night. Hitting a deer would not be my idea of fun, at all, especially that huge one with the big rack.

Albatross said...

Nice rack on top!

(I've always wanted to say that on a blog! Sorry it was yours, Dave! :-D)