Monday, December 26, 2011

This is How Husbands Get in Trouble...

Okay, you be the judge of this situation.  And don't worry, I have already done live interviews with other women to see how this will turn out, so I know the answer, but just play along if you will.
If you saw this small little box sitting under the tree for a week, is there anything in particular that you would expect to be inside of it?  I mean, it is obviously smaller than a bread box.  Is there anything about the size, shape or wrapping of the box that would immediately make you think that there was something bright and shiny inside?
Well, like my wife, you'd be wrong, too.  If the let down of not finding a bracelet or some nice earrings wasn't enough, Eva was quick to report that there isn't even a Starbucks anywhere near the Devine / Natalia / Lytle tri-city metropolis. 
To me, this box is perfectly built to hold a gift card.  See how the card slides securely into the felt covered display tray?  I mean, kudos to the guy who invented this.  But I suppose that's the problem; it was clearly a man who invented this, not a woman.  This is the last time I shop at Dollar Tree for gift wrap.


ctscribbler said...

And this is exactly how Alan Rickman got in trouble with Emma Thompson in "Love Actually." Don't worry, I bet there'll be a Starbucks out your way soon. Sharon

Dave said...

Well there's a movie I better avoid when Eva is around! That'd be salt to the wound!