Friday, December 16, 2011

Search Words: Ursula and Randy...

Every once in a while, I go into my Sitemeter account and check to see what sort of search words people are using to locate my little place(s) on the Internet.  I use my account to show both the old SilverCreek78250 blog which is still quite popular with the Google search engine, in spite of the fact that I haven't posted there in over a year, and the new version, Living Out Here.  Anyway, over the last few months, I have noticed this abundance of people searching about Ursula Pari and Randy Beamer and their divorce. 
For the love of God, these people got divorced years ago.  Why do you still care? 


Anonymous said...

I'm probably half of the 93 people that type in "living out here" :) I can't rememebr your URL because I keep getting the "here" mixed with the "there".

Study your keywords and what phrases people are using to stumble upon your site. If you can see a trend of what people are using then the secret is to start making more blog posts based on those subjects. Looks like food reviews of the South SA area is a biggie. Of course, another suggestion is to start getting your own blog system (not blogspot) so you can run your own ads and make some $$ off the site.

Keep writing good content and your traffic will build up. Link to other high quality blogs and vice versa.

I haven't updated my land blog since 2010 I think, so I have some work to do. I'll be kicking it in gear once I start building out there.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to pimp my blog in the above comments:

I'll be adding a new header once I get time.

Dave said...

Thanks for the link - I think I may have bookmarked your blog before, but I've added it to the links.

I thought about doing the Google AdSense thing some time back on my old blog (SilverCreek78250), but I just didn't like the way it interfered with the flow. If it were an issue of making real money, I could retool and go that route. I actually get e-mails from businesses and other blogs asking if I will run an ad for money or some other payment, but I have been reluctant to do so.

With this current blog, the traffic is so low, and the fact that I have not been consistent at all in writing, I just haven't felt the need to pursue my own domain, advertising, or frankly put more effort into it. Who knows, if I can get back in the habit of traveling around to visit small towns, like a regular Hill Country Reporter, I might look into it. For now, this is just a place to document the deer in the yard and provide a chronological record of my unhealthy eating habits.

AlanDP said...

They really love apple slices. It's like candy to them.

AlanDP said...

Deer really love apple slices, I mean. Although I suppose it's entirely possible that Ursula and Randy may enjoy them as well.