Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sammy's Update: CFS...

Lest you think we did breakfast at Sammy's once and never returned over a slightly crappy Belgian waffle, I'm here to provide a follow-up on a very afternoon visit to my new favorite place to eat in Castroville. 

You can click the link above if you are not familiar with Sammy's or the crappy Belgian waffle, otherwise I'll jump right into it.  We had been hitting some thrift shops on San Antonio's south east side looking for an ugly sweater for me to wear to a Christmas luncheon when it occurred to me that we hadn't eaten lunch and it was already nearing dinner time.  There are so many possibilities for Mexican food, burgers, and other assorted girth increasing fare, but Eva and I both thought it'd be worth the drive to Castroville to see what Sammy's had to offer.

Once inside, we saw the special for a Saturday afternoon was Chicken Fried Steak.  No need to even peruse the menu further; CFS, indeed!
 They have a small, reasonably stocked salad bar that offered the usual salad type accoutrement including freshly chopped boiled eggs, shredded cheese, croutons, and an assortment of pasta and potato salads.  I could have been happier with some banana peppers and maybe ham chunks, but as a one-trip included with the entree, no complaints here.  
 Eva got a few slices of peach to share with Mya, our little great-niece who tagged along for the ride.
 In what turned out to be overkill, we impulsively asked for a "small" order of onion rings so we could try them.  Good stuff, but we had to take them in a container with us because there was too much food in the regular order.  If that is a small, I think you could feed a table full of people with the large.
 Along with dinner, our waitress brought out a basket of bread and a random biscuit.  Interestingly, I think the biscuit may have been a leftover from breakfast.  But the slices of bread were very fresh and delicious. 
I'm not gonna lie.  I dig me some green beans.  I am a green bean aficionado, in fact.  There was nothing especially ritzy or special about Sammy's green beans, aside from being wonderful!  Is it me, or do people try to just over do things with added pecans or paprika or cinnamon in their vegetables when all you want is just some home cooked vittles?  These beans had none of the extra nonsense, just great flavor and perfectly cooked.  And that was just the green beans.
 The CFS at Sammy's may not rival the size of the gut busting, heart attack inducing Deputy at Lulu's on Main in San Antonio, a place we love to go to, but in all honesty, in terms of taste and enjoyment, Sammy's is the new king in my CFS book.  In fact, simultaneously, Eva and I told one another, "This is better than Lulu's."   The biggest immediate difference is the breading.  Sammy's CFS is fairly lightly breaded meaning that you can easily cut into it, take a well seasoned bite and not feel as though you are getting more chicken  fried than steak
There is so much more I need to try.  The fish, the steak, the burgers.  If they compare at all to the CFS we had at Sammy's, it's sure to be a Tasty Treat.


ctscribbler said...

You know what? My iPad always blinks out when I sign in to leave a comment. What have you done to aggravate the big Mac in the sky? Anyhoo, re: the green beans - me too. Nothing beats fresh, steamed green beans. I think it's genetic. Dennis was telling me AT LENGTH about hid fried green bean appetizer tonight. Go figger.

Dave said...

That blinking iPad thing is an issue with Blogger. I think if I change the settings to open comments in a separate window, it might fix it. I'll play with it.

Green Beans. Yay!