Friday, December 16, 2011

Pizza Report: Constantino's in Somerset...

I can't recall who it was who told us about Constantino's, a pizza place located off of south 1604 in Somerset, but thanks!
We made the short trek earlier in the week and decided to try out a pizza, just for a change of pace.  As seems to be the case for a lot of places out here, Constantino's has built a restaurant in a large manufactured home.
Inside, it had the feel of a lodge of some sort.  A large open seating area with a few TV's around the place, license plate decor, and a few old school video games up against a wall.  We had quick service and from the time we ordered to the time our pizza was presented to us, it was very quick.
We ordered a 14 inch pepperoni and pineapple with the idea of taking several pieces home to use as lunch the next day.  Not a chance of that.  And not because I am such a huge pig, either; it was just so good I couldn't help myself!  The pizza crust was thin with this really soft, very gooey and delicious outer edge that was just incredibly wonderful.  Pizza is so filling that if I don't love the crust, I don't waste my time on it.  This outer edge really added to the enjoyment, and truly enhanced the entire scarfing down experience.  The pizza itself was not overwhelmed with sauce, it wasn't overcooked and the ingredients seemed fresh.  The pineapple may have been canned, I'm not sure, but if it was, it didn't take away from the taste. 

While Constantino's does offer a salad, they don't have a salad bar which we had hoped for.  They do however sell Calzones (which we will try on our next visit), wings, burgers, a wide selection of sandwiches and a line of Italian dishes like spaghetti, lasagna and chicken Parmesan. 
With all those choices, just don't lose sight of the fact that the pizza is a must try.  I'm sure you'll agree, Constantino's is a Tasty Treat.
UPDATE: We have been back to Constantino's several times since this post and I was able to try the huge Calzone.  Take note, it will easily feed two people.
 I ordered one with pepperoni, sausage, and black olives.  Like the pizza, the soft doughy delicious crust is simply wonderful.  The calzone was quite manageable when cut into smaller pieces and though it came with a choice of marinara and Ranch dipping sauces, there was really no need.  It was that good.  This is worth a drive.    

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Anonymous said...

The calzones look good but they sort of look like mouths ready to sing a song or tell a joke! Cute! Lydia Garza