Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Year Out Here...

So this week we celebrated our first anniversary of moving into our tiny sliver of Medina County.  I recall this time last year wondering if we would be miserable after a few months (as some predicted), and in all honesty, aside from a few minor pains associated with phone and Internet service getting ramped up, we have been incredibly happy. 
We have put in a lot of work to get the house and the property going in the direction we want, and frankly, it has all been a lot of fun.  Yes, hard work and lots of aches and pain, but rewarding. Simply put, we have no regrets whatsoever, and now we can only imagine how much more we would have accomplished if we had only pulled the trigger sooner.

This is not for everybody.  We would not have pulled our kids out of high school to move, and certainly, if we had school aged kids, we would have done a lot more research in that area.  I can just imagine how it would have been for my son driving back and forth to UTSA and the 1604 campus if we had moved while he was still at home. 

I also recall my very first drive into work from this house, and because I had not yet memorized every mile marker and every exit that I would pass, the drive seemed incredibly long.  It wasn't until I had looked at my watch upon pulling into work that I realized the drive was less than 30 minutes.  A half-hour of stress-free traffic. 

Absolutely, no regrets at all.


Anonymous said...

I want to do the same thing as you, however, my property is about 1hr and 10mins from my office! I think we work at the same building 171 near Lackland? A coworker of mine lives out near Mico and it takes him about 1hr to get to work. His wife gets up at 430am and it takes her about 1hr 15mins! But, they both said that the tradeoff is WORTH IT. They love the peaceful nature of their home and say the private sunsets make it all worthwhile. Of course, they are always talking about the various animals that they see and the things they build out on their 10acres.

Dave said...

I think we work at the same building 171 near Lackland?

I'm actually on Sec Hill.

I have a friend who drives about an hour each direction - he lives out in Stockdale. I think that would probably be the limit, and I would definitely have to limit work to only 8 hours a day instead of the ten-a-day I seem to be working these days.

Honestly, the stress relief is worth the drive, as long as the drive doesn't become the stress.