Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Daily Deer...

We get a lot of deer visiting to have their pictures taken and enjoy a quick nibble from the yard.  It is funny how we are able to recognize some of them from markings (mostly injuries) and their racks.  The other day when we pulled into the driveway, one of the smaller bucks slowly walked away from the fence with a serious limp.  We couldn't see any blood, but he definitely had experienced a leg injury. 
 No visible injury here, but this big guy is one of my new favorites.  It is just so amazing how much larger he is compared to some of the regulars.
 Of course, we still enjoy the smaller ones.
 Hey, ya wanna close-up?
 How about a profile?
This one really makes me giggle.  She first hears the click of the camera and her ears are straight up.
Then, one frame later, she really perks up and her ears are out wide.  

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ctscribbler said...

See, this is where I'd quickly go broke - I'd be loading deer into the truck and rushing them to the vet once a day. Obviously, you have to let Mother Nature run her course (except for serving apple and orange slices), I'm just sayin'...I loves me some animals. It's probably best I stay in the city.

6:45 on New Years Eve, and we're in our fleece PJs, eating pizza. Happy New Year!