Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Daily Deer...

I found some older ones in my vast selection of deer pictures.  I'm not quite sure how these slipped through the first time around, but enjoy.
I love the daytime shots in color.  These alone are like hitting the lottery for me. Interestingly, I had come home from work early on this day and this little guy actually stood there looking at me as I pulled into the driveway.  He didn't make a hasty retreat until I got out of the truck and pulled out my regular digital camera. 
This is a larger buck that I don't recall seeing before.  Unfortunately, I think this one was taken before I realized I should clean the lens from time to time.  I'd like to see this one some more - hopefully he wasn't someone's Christmas dinner.


ctscribbler said...

The fourth shot looks as if he had something to say to you. We see deer in the woodlands around town, but I've never had the pleasure of hearing one say hi to me.

Animals really are a wonderful gift to have in your daily life.


Dave said...

The funniest thing is to see the entire file of pictures and scroll through them rapidly as if it were old movie footage. You can see the mouths open and close as they chew on food or perhaps let out a sigh. If I were smart or simply had the time, I would figure out how to combine a bunch of these photos into a short movie complete with voice over in a deer sounding voice. You know, something like Rudolph or Blitzen. I suspect they would be saying, More sliced apples, please.

rescuepurplekisses said...

I haven't seen a buck yet except in your pics. There's a small one at the entrance to the neighborhood...hate to see it that close the the interstate.

I threw whole apples out there yesterday. Should I slice them? I hate to make lazy deers. ; )

Dave said...

Should I slice them? I hate to make lazy deers.

I suspect they could probably handle an entire apple, but I was just offering up a little Christmas bonus.