Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mowing Sand...

Our neighbor a few lots up from us told me when I first started mowing the rough terrain of our freshly cleared lot this time last year, that I would go through blades on the mower very quickly due to the sand and such.  I figured that was an easy price to pay given the amount of bull-dozing I was doing to level things off and most importantly, establish a pattern of mowing.  A yard has to be trained, ya know.

I do know at some point in time, it seemed like I was mowing sand more than any weeds or even hints of grass.  I also know that I hit my share of small stumps, limbs, more cacti than I can count, and the occasional rock.  
 But, I have to admit, a year later, the yard is fairly tame and aside from dodging the huge holes that our dog Gracie has dug trying to locate and befriend Mr. Gopher, mowing has been smooth.  

Interestingly, even if you get a smooth ride, it doesn't mean that the grass is actually cut.  I noticed a while back that I was having to go over some areas of grass two and three times to make the grass lay down flat.  No, actually cutting the grass didn't seem to be an option, but making it lay flight was possible with lots of skill.

Please keep in mind, I'm not talking about the newly sodded areas with the Bermuda Tif; I use the push mower for that - I wouldn't want to take a chance on hurting the beautiful little blades with the riding mower, and of course, I can use the exercise.  
So anyway, I went down to Lowe's and bought new blades for both mowers, thinking I would make this an annual event.  After swapping blades on the push mower, it was going to be a little bit more of a task for the rider.  Thankfully, Eva picked up some spiffy ramps for the truck, so I could get in a better position to pull the blades off.
When I actually got a view under the mower deck, I was shocked at how short the blades were.  And just so you know, there was not a sharp edge anywhere.  It was like two little hunks of metal spinning around, no doubt being taunted by thin blades of grass with each subsequent pass through the yard.
Clearly, I was doing a little too much bull dozing for a regular residential strength yard mower.  This is one of the replacement blades next to one of the mangled originals.  Uh.... Oops?


Albatross said...

Well, you got your money's worth out of that blade!

ctscribbler said...

Gracie! Have a little dignity, girlfriend!

Dave said...

We may have to purchase Gracie some doggy tights or perhaps some sweat pants if she is going to be digging fro gophers.