Friday, December 9, 2011


No, not our house.  But this morning at work it was quite a thrill.

A 6-inch water main used for the fire suppression system in my building blew out causing a flood of my entire floor which happens to be located in the basement level of the building.  The water was gushing through the bottom of the main front doors and flowing directly beneath our raised flooring system where all of the electrical and computer network wires are run.  We had people trying to power down computer systems as calmly as possible, but because of the water flow, we ended up cutting power and evacuating out a back exit.  I wish I could post some pictures, specifically a metal door that was bent like it had been hit by a car, due to the force of the water. 

My little office seemed to be saved but once I had the floor tiles pulled up and saw the mini river under my desk, I pretty much realized that there would be more than mopping up to be done.  I can just imagine the mold that is settling in.  We have some professional clean-up people working over the weekend to clean things up, but since all the electrical and network wiring was still totally under water when I left late this afternoon, I suspect I'll be working out of another office for a while.

Flexibility is the key to air power

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Anonymous said...

Man, sorry to hear about this. Keep us posted on your situation!