Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My mom and the first six kids in our family were all born in Tampa, FL.  Later, I would be added to the mix during a brief stint in Okinawa, a possession of the U.S, not unlike Guam, but sometime after my birth turned back over to Japan.  Not important, but the point is, I still kinda refer to the Tampa area as home since that is where my parents and most of my family resides now.  I also graduated from high school thereabouts.
During our brief visit over last weekend, I saw a thing or two worth mentioning.  This is the house I lived in from the 8th grade until I joined the Air Force.  I suspect that tree in the front is the one my dad planted when we moved in when the house was built in 1976 or 1977.  I don't know the current owners but I wish they would do something with the yard, or at least not park on it.

This is my daughter, Roxanne.  Now that she is out of the military and in college full time, she is not required to salute The Captain.
I was in the turning lane behind this guy.  His girlfriend is cute.
This is the view of the bay from MacDill AFB.  My entire military career I tried to get stationed at MacDill, but no such luck.  

Besides MacDill, just a short jaunt down Dale Mabry, you can find Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Bucs.  On the Saturday when we drove by, it was a big University of South Florida (USF Bulls) game against the Miami Hurricanes causing the stadium to be transformed into a college venue.
 Of course, it goes without saying that we had to stop at Steak n' Shake for a quick bite to eat.  I'd just like to point out that when I ask for jalapenos on a burger, I just assume they will be grilled, not chopped and served raw. GeezeNote to self:  Suggest What-a-Burger move to Florida.
 Good news:  There were S'mores included in the trip.  My brother, Tim has a huge fire pit on his land and he went the extra mile to make some big forks that would allow the youngsters to roast marshmallows and such. 
The bad news is, one of the forks burnt away from its stick and landed in the burnt piles of shredded documents stuck to a marshmallow.  Good times!
They also have a cat or two out at their place.  Maine Coons.  This one needed a quick drink.
I've mentioned before that I am the youngest of seven kids.  These are my two older brothers, Tim on the left and Dennis in the middle. I'm the fat one on the right.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there was one in Arcadia when I was growing up in nearby Port Charlotte a zillion years ago.

Dave said...

Who knew? And it looks like the have loads of them in Tallahassee.