Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lunch Report: Hermann Sons Steak House in Hondo..

So a neighbor of ours mentioned that the Hermann Sons Steak House in Hondo had remodeled themselves and of course, that gave us a reason to stop by the place for lunch.  We have been there before (click here) but it has been a while. 
Hermann Sons Steak House has been around for years and the face lift, both inside and out was probably a long time coming.  
We rarely order appetizers, but they had some sort of special on onion rings, fried mushrooms and fried squash.  The onion rings and mushrooms were great, but I left the squash for Eva.  I generally believe that even if you don't like something, you can fry it up and it will be okay - take okra for instance - but squash?  No thanks.

Our lunch came with a trip to the salad bar which was a lot better than my picture makes it look. They had these really awesome croûtons.  Honestly, by the time we nibbled on the appetizer plate and the salad, we were pretty much full.  

But the special was some sort of Angus Beef burger thing covered with onions and gravy.  I think in the old days, this was called Salisbury steak.  The top plate is what I ate, the bottom plate is what Eva loaded up in a to-go box and gave me for lunch the next day.  Just too much food, though the price was not bad at all.

I honestly don't remember if they had a bar in there the last time we went, but now they do.  It is actually really nice and open.  They also have a fairly good size gift shop selling some local fashions and such.

Now that we are living out here, the drive to Hondo just isn't that far at all.  I think next time we go, we are both going to try the steak.  Have you been to HSSH?  Got a favorite on their menu?  Leave a comment, won't you?

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