Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is it That Time Already?

We drove down to the HEB this evening after I got home from work so I could gas up Eva's truck and as we made the exit out of the neighborhood, it occurred to me that the radio was playing a Christmas song.  Can we at least get Thanksgiving over with?
And then I remembered this picture I took over the weekend of a house in the area.  I hadn't posted it because it looks more like some failed attempt at art instead of the investigative reporting of the absolute atrocity that it really is.  Imagine the scale of this thing.  These people have at least an acre or more of property, and it appears that they have attached some form of lighted cheer to every square inch of it.

Yes, my wife can confirm that I simply abhor the entire holiday season, beginning with Halloween straight through to New Year's Day.  My only solace is Superbowl Sunday, and only if the Cowboys or the Bucs happen to be involved.  But I don't dislike Christmas lights, or as they are now commonly referred, Winter Celebration, I actually do enjoy them.  I just don't like them before, say the day after Thanksgiving, at the very earliest.  
I know, this probably makes me a bad sport.  So to make it up, I offer you my very own reindeer.

I don't speak of work here, but I can hardly contain myself.  This week has been one of the most professionally exciting, adrenaline pumping experiences I have had since retiring from the Air Force nearly a decade ago.  I am skipping out however, to take a very much needed break to visit my parents this weekend.  Work will always be there.  And hopefully, I'll be able to provide some pictures for the blog from a few exciting locations around Florida.  

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