Friday, November 11, 2011

The Deer Wakes Up...

So we stop by the HEB gas station this afternoon to fill up one of the trucks and as I'm pumping gas, I notice the truck in the lane next to mine has a deer in the back seat. 
Yea, when I say back seat, I don't mean the bed of the truck, I mean literally in the back seat of this Chevy four door.  Of course, my first reaction is, I must get a picture of this.  After all, it isn't every day you see a deer inside the vehicle.  Unfortunately, the picture is really crappy.
If you look in the yellow circles, you can see the nose and the eyes.  The rectangles show the horns.

I stepped from my side of the pump to the other side and of course, startled the older gentleman pumping his gas.  I said, "Gee, I hope the deer doesn't wake up while you're driving."  This was my light, good natured approach to gain his trust so I could ask him if I might take a picture of the decedent in his truck.  He gave me a strange look and said, "What?"

"The deer.  The deer in the back seat?  I hope he doesn't wake up, you know, like Tommy Boy?"  The man just looked at me as if he had no idea on earth there was a huge freakin' deer pressing its nose against the window of his truck.  Apparently my friendly banter was not winning a new friend with something interesting he'd be willing to share with fellow travelers in a game of gas station show & tell.

"It's a movie about these guys in a car and they have a deer in the back seat, but then the deer wakes up and it wreaks havoc in the car."  With this, the man just shrugged his shoulders and climbed back into the truck as his gas continued to pump. 
 And with that, Eva handed me my camera and I commenced to hide behind the gas pump and take a few crappy pictures.  Good times.


rescuepurplekisses said...

Since the old grouch obviously had no sense of humor, I hope that deer DID wake up and bite him in the neck. See youtube video - "The 911 Deer Call (I Need a Bambulance)". The first time I heard this video I laughed until I cried.

ctscribbler said...

Well, I did NOT run over a chubby little raccoon on Frogtown Road last night. Not that the six cars behind me were all that happy about it, but there's something about critters with fuzzy striped tails ... You wants to take 'em home, or at least let them escape into the woods.

The Accidental Somebody said...

He was probably hoping no one saw the poor animal inside his truck! Probably shot it without a permit (or whatever, I'm no hunter). I mean, aren't people usually proud of their kill and want to show it off? Meaning, have it hanging out the end of the truck bed?



Albatross said...

Haha! That's great! You live a life like a sitcom sometimes!

Of course, that old dude was probably thinking, What a weirdo. He acts like he's never seen a deer in the back seat of a truck before.