Saturday, November 5, 2011

Deer, Pigs and Buzzards...

So of course I continue to have the deer cam up and running just on the off chance that I'll see something exciting.

Here are a few guys with horns enjoying an evening snack as the temperatures get cooler.
Our neighbors up the street got some visitors of a different type, captured on their deer cam.  That is a whole mess of pigs!  It does sorta make you laugh that our POA (property owners association) has a rule limiting the number of dogs each owner can have (I think it is 4).  I have only counted 8 or 9 deer at any one time posing for my camera, but it looks like the folks up the street have at least 16 or 17 hogs enjoying themselves in the yard.  What's the limit?

In a bit of sad news...  And no, not gonna post pictures of it, but the other day as we were leaving to go somewhere, we got to the stop sign at the end of our street and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a deer caught in the barbed wire that goes across the top of the fence line.  I turned the truck around and raced back to the house to grab some wire cutters but when I got back to the deer, realized it was too late.  It looked as though he had broken his neck on the impact of hitting the ground.  Thank goodness, there was no sign that he had struggled.  He was one of the smaller ones that usually run up the side of the fence until they get to a gate where they can slip through the bars.  I see this all the time where the larger deer simply jump the fence and wait for the smaller ones to find a gate to slip through.  But this little guy must have thought he could make it over the fence, and just didn't.  
And of course, I cut him down and laid him out so the circle of life could take place - in two days, he was all gone and there were some happy buzzards.  (If you look at the top of the branch, you can see him waiting for me to leave.) 


AlanDP said...

That's actually a crested caracara, another scavenger like buzzards (vultures).

The caracaras are, however, more aggressive and will also attack things that are still alive but hurt and/or helpless.

Dave said...

Sweet! There are lots of these Mexican Eagles out here. I just assumed it was a vulture since I always see them eating dead things. Come to think of it though, I have seen them circling me when I take a break from working in the yard!