Sunday, November 6, 2011

Castroville City Wide Yard Sale...

What a cool idea.  Two times a year, the city of Castroville designates a specific day where everyone who wants has a yard sale, thus bringing in more business for everyone.
We went, just to shop around a bit and walk off the breakfast we had at Sammy's.
If you have never been to Castroville, you can go just about any weekend and find something interesting to do.  There is an abundance of interesting shops, even if you are not looking for antiques.  We just like to see all of the old historic homes and such.
 The Saint Louis Catholic Church makes a nice view in between looking at people's trash and treasures.
The place I found really fascinating was the old Rainbow theater.  Inside, it has been transformed into a thrift shop of sorts, primarily antiques and collectibles called Antiques & More

In addition to going through several shops that had little sidewalk sales, we hit several of the yard sales at private homes and met some friendly folks.  One family had their kids selling popcorn from one of those old style popcorn machines, and in spite of it being extremely salty, it was good.  Another lady had her junk piled up in front of her barn.  She was really nice and told us that if we ever needed to sell some items, we could bring them by her place since she gets a lot of weekend traffic.  How nice is that?

Castroville has an historic walking tour that winds you up and down the residential streets and antique business district.  We didn't actually get out an walk it, but we did follow the signs seeing a lot of the sites.  I think on a nice day, it would be worth walking it and taking a bunch of pictures.
Since we live near Natalia and Lytle, we have found that we are basically due south of Castroville as the crow flies.  On FM 471, we can be there in under 15 minutes, which makes it a convenient place to visit.  Check out the shops, see some interesting buildings, and meet a few nice people.  Are there any interesting places we should eat the next time we go?  I'd love to hear your take; why not leave a comment?

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