Monday, October 17, 2011

New Header...

So I have been subscribing to this daily e-mail from a company called Woot.  They send out an e-mail every morning highlighting a few good deals they are trying to sell, but in the first few months I've been receiving the e-mails, nothing really has caught my fancy.  Then, just the other day, I saw they were pushing the soon to be (if not already) discontinued Cisco Flip camera.  With shipping and such, I think the total cost was around $45.00, so I bought one.  Fear not, I will not be providing you with well produced video pod casts examining every detail in full high definition of the latest cheeseburger to find its way to my belly.
But, this little random purchase did provide my wife with some excitement this morning.  The conditions were perfect with a slight morning fog rolling through Forest Woods at breakfast time for a bunch of (I think that is the proper nomenclature for at least 8) deer enjoying a light snack.  She grabbed the Flip camera and proceeded outside to commence filming the beautiful sight.
 Of course, this is where you would expect me to insert the footage of the deer Eva captured in living color, but alas, either the zoom is just not that great, or she will have to work on her walking closer to the subject technique.   But, her excitement about the deer on the Flip did remind me about the deer-cam I have set up, so I walked out and grabbed the SD card and selected a few good shots. 

And of course, I decided to change up the header on the blog page. 

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AlanDP said...

Nice pix. Technically they are supposed to be a "herd," but after seeing how they like to kill each other for no apparent reason I started calling them "gangs."