Friday, October 28, 2011

HEB Plus in Lytle Opens...

I know, I know.  Is this about as Andy Griffith as it gets?  Next I'll be proclaiming excitement over the arrival of the new phone books and the publishing of our phone number complete with name and address!   But you just don't know how so very much we have been waiting for this day!

I can appreciate that in the eyes of many, HEB Plus is like the Super Walmart with only half the slave labor.  I also understand the whole thing about big stores moving into smaller towns and putting the trusty family store out of business.  But don't kid yourselves, we drove to San Antonio to shop at HEB Plus (and Walmart) anyway, so I don't feel like I'm doing anything but saving some gas.
So, we actually just went in to see the place but ended up spending over $100 on stuff for other people.  But it was fun and we got to see the place.  This is the view of the Pharmacy side.  The other entrance has the Texas Backyard garden center.
The first thing I noticed (aside from the huge crowd) was that all the cashier lanes were open.  Bonus!
Another point of interest is that they splurged on a full scale refrigerated section of beer.  The now closed regular HEB in Lytle had a disappointing offering of three or four choices of beer.  Since I'm not the prolific Milwaukee's Best Light drinker I once was, I'd like to shake things up once in a while with, I don't know, something besides Budweiser.  As a guy once said, I don't drink beer often, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
When you aren't there just for the free samples and clean restrooms, you'll find that the HEB Plus in Lytle is set up fairly similarly to the rest of the HEB Pluses around San Antonio and elsewhere.  The aisles are wide, the place is bright and they have only made a few modifications to the floor layout that you would recognize at the Potranco and 1604 HEB Plus. 
The two main exceptions are the location of the garden center and the moving of the diner section.  You can grab some hot vittles and watch a baseball game near the produce section and then do your regular grocery shopping if you want.

There you have it.  I know, this hardly equates to Beavis and Butt-head returning to TV, but for us, it certainly will save us some time doing our Sunday shopping. 


AlanDP said...

The only thing I miss about the old "trusty family store" that was out here is that the new H.E.B. doesn't stock blackberry wine.

NM said...

I don't know why, but I look forward to all of your posts! Just a lot of random stuff ....that's what I like about it. Kind of Seinfeld-ish, I guess.

Jessica said...

Ooh Milwaukee's Best. We call that "The Beast" up here xD It sounds kind of weird to refer to it as Milwaukee's best - sounds almost third person-esque ;D

Dave said...

@Alan: We'll keep our eyes peeled for the blackberry wine. Who knows, perhaps the Lytle HEB will have a greater selection than the Floresville version!

@NM: Why, thank you. Random is about the best I can do these days. Thanks for the comment.

@Jessica: The Beast. I guess that would be one way to describe it. One of our freinds grew up about an hour from Milwaukee and he was the one who convinced me that MBL was just a generic version of Miller Lite. He even had me do blind taste tests. I don't drink Miller Lite anymore, either.