Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Morning Report...

We were invited by friends from the old neighborhood to attend a Luau held at the Lodge of the Great Northwest.  In past years, the luau was held out by one of the pools, but the fear of rain (fat chance) moved the event indoors.
 For us, it wasn't the decorations or chance to dance in a conga line of inebriated people in grass skirts while wolfing down plates of delicious pork and pineapple, but rather an opportunity to catch up with neighbors and friends from what now seems like a million years ago. We left Silver Creek in December, and by now it just seems like a distant fond memory.
 So many wonderful people, but above all, we had some of the greatest friends you could ever ask for as neighbors.  We surprised Ruby and Gus with a cake to celebrate his birthday next week a little early.


It's always about the food, isn't it?  I had mentioned that we went back to Rocky's Roadside Grill and I am intent on sampling each of the burgers he grills.  The problem is, the burgers are too big for Eva to eat. We asked before ordering and learned that they offer a kid's meal.
 Turns out, your little kid, or your wife can order the smaller version - only a quarter pound, of mouthwatering goodness.  So Eva did.
 I went with the Triple Cheese.  That isn't a triple burger, but three different cheeses.  A Half-pound of artery clogging goodness.  The only thing that could make this burger better is some grilled jalapenos and a few strips of bacon. 


Which reminds me.  I guess I never followed up with my exciting medical news, where last we knew, I was laying in a bed in the ER questioning why if I had to ride to the hospital in an ambulance, they didn't run with full lights and blaring sirens. 

Anyway, rest assured I have been evaluated and tested by extremely competent medical authorities, an actual cardiologist and his staff.  I have been on the treadmill with radioactive material streaming through my veins and had special Xray and ultrasound investigations of my innermost parts, only to find that I am perfectly normal and not expected to keel over any time soon. 

By the time I had reached the 10th minute on the treadmill, and the tech halted the machine and the doctor confidently stated that the way my heart rate was dropping, he was sure the rest of the tests would be good.  I was supposed to go this coming Monday to have the results reviewed but by Friday, the office called and told me the doctor was cancelling the appointment, everything was fine, and I shouldn't need to return unless I can muster up a real heart attack.  Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit there, but the lady on the phone did tell me that they did not need to see me any more.

I know, I probably should still use this as a reason to eat fewer burgers, exercise more, work fewer hours at work and relax a bit.  Maybe I need a hobby.


More deer.
I can't tell you how much I enjoy looking at the looks on their faces when they look up at the camera.  My neighbor just put out a lot of feed and corn and a mineral block not far from where I have this camera mounted, and along with the hint of moisture in the air and cooler (less than triple digits) temps, I think the deer around here a bit happier.


But we still don't have any rain to speak of.  I saw on the news last night that there were parts of San Antonio that got a serious drenching.  There was flooding of low water crossings, causing the usual stories of idiots requiring rescue.  Dumbasses.

The rain completely bypassed our section of I-35, and aside from the smell of rain and a little bit of moisture on lawn furniture out back, it is still dry.  I do have hopes for today.  The sky is slightly overcast.  We really need it.


Of course, we'll have to do our usual Sunday shopping at H-E-B today.  Just not this one in Lytle.  The good news is, due to the lack of rain, there have been no expected rain delays in construction, and our new HEB Plus in Lytle is expected to open early. 
 Sweet.  Now if they would build a Jim's, a Lowe's and a Home Depot out here, I'd never have to leave.  Well, except to go to work.


Today we are going to take my mother-in-law out for lunch and do a little graveyard visiting.  Has it really been 11 years?
Eva and Nando on his last visit to Garner State Park.

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