Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Report: Fall...

I know this is lazy of me, but here are a few more pictures from the deer cam.
Foxes. I think, anyway.
Nice racks.  We had seen the one buck but now there seems to be at least three hanging around.
It looks like my neighbor turned on her outside light causing a slight amount of interest by these deer.

I have a routine down in the mornings where I walk out with the dogs as the coffee maker finishes its brew cycle.  Over the last several months, the heat at 5:30AM has been quite noticeable, but this morning, there seemed to be a hint of fall.  Oh wait, perhaps it is fall and we are being treated to a slight change in weather.  The deer and other critters beat feet and the dogs hustle over to the fence wishing that they could all just be friends.  If only the deer and the foxes and the ring tail cats and the racoons would come play with Gracie and Panda, they would stop barking and chasing, right?


We had a Eva's cousin from California stay with us several nights during the week.  It was nice to have a chance for us to show off the tri-city (Lytle, Natalia, & Devine) metroplex, and a few restaurants.

On Monday, we had planned to take her to Rocky's but when we showed up, we realized that they were closed on Mondays.  Instead of driving from Devine several miles up the road to Lytle to try one of the eateries there, we decided to take another chance on Triple C.  If you're not one to click the links, I'll just tell you that we had pretty much given up on the place after our last visit.
Anyway, we walked in and saw that they had a special on a "club" steak so that was what the three of us ordered.  I am told by friends who used to live out this way years ago that the Triple C was quite a place for steak.  I mean, it only makes sense that with all the cattle out here, you would have a place that could grill it up and serve it to order, right?
I won't dwell on it, but the salad bar at that place consists of a choice of lettuce, some celery and maybe a few beets or something to add on top.  The only thing good is the croutons which are actually really good.  In spite of several miscues by the wait staff, the real kicker was the nasty steak.  It may look slightly appetizing in this picture, but really, it wasn't.  When people visit Texas, they want a good steak.  This was not it.

I suspect that the only saving grace for Triple C is the catfish that I liked so much.  Perhaps I can get a pound of it as a to-go order some time.
Of course, we had to go back to Rocky's and of course we were very satisfied.  Working my way down the list of burgers, I tried the Philly Cheeseburger. Using the red peppers instead of green was perfect for me! Everybody was pleased with their meals and Rocky's stays on my list of excellence. 

Now that the weather is cooling (anything below 100 is considered "cool"), I think we really need to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and and paved surfaces of our sub-division.  We learned this week the importance of even the slightest amount of exercise at least a few times a week.  Since moving out here, we have done a lot of hard work on the yard, but in reality, the heat outside has made some of that sort of exercise impossible.  It is so easy to fall into a trap of sitting inside an air conditioned house, sitting on a comfy recliner and dozing off to the flickering of a 65 inch screen full of CSI, NCIS, The Big C, and SOA, but it isn't all that healthy in the long run.

We are insulated from the realities of watching my father grow older and experiencing the loss of once strong body and mind.  Weekly phone calls do not convey the full range of emotions my mother has endured as she slowly watches my father slip away into another world, nor the personal sacrifices my siblings and their kids make trying to assist my parents.

This week, a medical matter much too delicate to describe here was the result of not getting a proper amount of exercise; a simple walk is what we all need from time to time, but more often than once in a blue moon.  For the first time since the military sent my father to serve in Korea and Vietnam, my parents will have to live apart.  That is not something a short walk on a relatively cool morning in late September can prevent.      

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