Thursday, September 29, 2011

Identifying the Culprit...

So as you might imagine, what with all the luring of wild animals to our locale, that we might have some unfriendlies nibbling at the plants.  Don't expect me to be shocked when my wife reports that someone has feasted on her recently purchased hibiscus plants.  No, not shocked at all.  But I know an opportunity when I see one. After my wife put a temporary cage of sorts over her flowerbed, I mounted the deer camera low enough to get a good mug shot of any hungry varmints.
First up, as you would expect, the big dog, Gracie was sniffing around.  She lives here and is allowed to do that.
Next, a slightly curious Panda is less interested in the plants than she is the sound of the deer cam clicking on and off. 
But wait, who is this?  We don't even have a cat!  I'm sure he or she did not eat the hibiscus, but I can assure you that we have no rats or mice wandering around here.  If this little critter will stay on and solve my gopher problem, I'd be happy to toss out a few kitty treats.

Unfortunately, no sign of any plant eaters - but I got plenty of battery left on the deer cam and all the time in the world.


maureen said...

Can almost guarantee it's the deer. There are some deer-resistant plants out there, but really, in this drought, they will probably eat just about anything you guys plant. Good luck.

Dave said...

I still think it may have been the raccoons. Though, they didn't go after the trash cans, so maybe it was deer. We have moved those plants and are going with some cactus!