Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burger Report: Rocky's Grill in Devine...

In preparation for my visit next week to see the cardiologist where I will be performing a stress test, I thought I should make sure my body is in as normal a state as it can be.  I wouldn't want to do some sort of awkward fasting regimen and load up on vitamin waters and spend a weekend doing sit-ups or something; that might give the doctors a false impression of my stress levels.  We sure wouldn't want that, would we?

So, when my wife left a message for me at work recommending we sneak down to Devine and slip into Rocky's Grill for dinner, I was all in - purely for medical purposes, you understand.  I've already told you that I like Rocky's and if you missed it or don't recall, feel free to click here for a reminder.  So, I have had the fish and and the pizza and the wings and such, but for some inexplicable reason, I had failed to try one of the many burgers offered on the menu.  The last time he was in town, my son tried the Triple-Cheese burger (three cheeses, not three patties) and it just looked so good.  
Tonight, Eva had the big ol' half pound bacon cheeseburger.  The first thing you should look at is that awesome hunk of bread, baked fresh on site at Rocky's.  I am one of those people who really does think that the bun is a critical factor in how good a burger is.  Served warm and fresh, you would be tempted to slather on some butter and just commence to eating it all by itself and taking the fresh made burger home for dessert, but don't do that; you'll want to enjoy what comes between the buns. 
 The bacon is thick, not too greasy, and I am told that in the grand scheme of things, quite healthy for you.  The fixin's including lettuce, pickles and freshly sliced tomato look good and taste good too.  I don't know if we paid extra for the fries or not.  They were good but once you've had the burger, there isn't much room left for fries.
 I went with the Jalapeño cheese burger and it was a solid performer.  Everything I mentioned about the bread, the fries, the fixin's and all that is the same: good stuff!   
 The picture does not do this burger justice.  It almost looks like the jalapeños just ain't right, but I assure you, that was a crappy photo taken by me.  A lot of places won't give you the option of asking your burger to be cooked a certain way, but Rocky had no problem at all cooking mine medium with some pink clearly visible.  Biting into the soft and delicious bread, catching a few jalapeños along the way and enjoying the feel of the delicious half pound of burger covered in gooey cheese just melting in your mouth; I may have just found a replacement for the hole that was left in my stomach when KD's closed down abruptly.  
I am kicking myself for not having tried the burger sooner, but I was already enjoying the other stuff they have.  I am seriously going to have to hit the treadmill for real because Rocky has about five or six other versions of his burgers and I'm going to need to try them all.  If you want to make the drive down I-35 to Devine, I think you'll agree that Rocky's Grill on Hwy 173 South is a Tasty Treat!


Anonymous said...

Those burgers do look good! The bread looks homemade as you can tell by the little specks of flour. The best burger I ever had in Texas was near Fredericksburg at the ALAMO SPRINGS CAFE. Think they were listed as #3 by Texas Monthly. Worth a drive if you ever head out that way.

Alright, u inspired me to get my blog going. Thanks Dave.

Dave said...

Alright, u inspired me to get my blog going.

That's great, but you have to tell me the name of your blog so I can read it!

Michelle Paterson said...

My husband and I are closing on property in Devine and where in the area today. We were hungry and I remembered that I had read on your blog that there was a place to get a good burger not far from where we were. After searching your blog, we went to Rocky's Grill and I am so glad we did. It was delicious! Thanks for trying out the local eateries and for the honest feedback.

Dave said...

After searching your blog, we went to Rocky's Grill and I am so glad we did.

We love that place - next time, try the pizza - it is great!