Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Door...

Eva has been giddy for two weeks in anticipation of the storm door she ordered from Lowe's.  On Thursday afternoon, it had arrived and the folks from Lowe's called to tell her it was ready for pick-up.  When I got the call at work to make a stop on my way home to pick it up, I'm not sure I actually heard the name Lowe's or not in the conversation, so I promptly walked into The Home Depot looking for my door.  Okay, that was slightly embarrassing.

We shop at both places so often; we have figured out who has better prices on cement, 2X4's, garden items and the like, and the fact that they are literally back to back at Military, Zarzamora and I-35, how can you not get confused from time to time?

When I did make it to Lowe's, the waitress at the Customer Service Desk, Jennifer, was in training so things started off a little slow.  But like all the people we have encountered at that particular Lowe's, she was friendly and I didn't mind the short wait for the door to show up.  Have you ever noticed that when people are friendly and offer even the slightest amount of customer interest, the shopping experience is almost, dare I say it, enjoyable?  

I recall we were in another home improvement store - I really don't remember which particular one, and we were looking for a garbage can.  The one that was on sale that week was way up at the top of the shelves and we wanted two of them.  The guy that was trying to assist us had to call his boss to help get the cans down and she was a total complete and utter bitch about the entire ordeal.  At one point, I offered to climb up on the ladder and get it myself, but I think this lady would have preferred to bitch about the fact that a customer was interfering with her important duties. Eva is not generally the violent type, but I suspect it could have come to blows.  She even suggested that once the lady got the trash cans down, we should say "Oh, these aren't the ones we want" and leave.  But they were the ones we wanted, so we bought them. 

But customer service has nothing to do with the new door.
This is what it looks like installed.  I think the idea is that we can open the front door and sort of look outside at our lovely dirt lawn and get a little light in the entry way.  We never really use the front door as an entry just because it is so much more convenient to come in and out from the back door near the kitchen, so really, it is just all about decoration.
I did learn something important about the sun and a big glass door this morning though.  Our house faces the east.  The sun comes directly up blowing rays of fire directly into our new magnifying glass-like, well insulated oven where it sandwiches 150 degrees of Ouch! between the storm door and the main door.  Okay, who thought this would be a good idea?   When I opened the door to walk out and take these pictures, it was like a blast furnace scorching my face and potentially melting my camera. I started to add that I wasn't exaggerating, but I might be embellishing just a little.

At any rate, the door is installed and Eva is happy and we can now mark one more item off the list of expensive but unnecessary items we need for our house.  

Wow, wouldn't decorative shutters look nice on our brick?

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