Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wild Aminals...

Yes, that's a-m-i-n-a-l-s, 'cause that's how the kids say it.
First up, is this a fox?  It looks like it.
And then, I can't help cut go through the hundreds (okay, really thousands) of images of deer to find some goofy action snaps.  I fully expect Eddie Murphy as the Donkey to speak on behalf of this deer.
And finally, I'm pretty sure we now know who the culprit was in the overturning of my garbage can last week.  Needless to say, the tops on the cans are now secure.
 AlanDP from Blogonomicon commented that the deer are just like big rats and we may regret luring them toward our property once we start to grow a garden.  With this in mind, I'll start moving the food away from the back and toward the front, since just up the street in an empty cul de sac, my neighbor (and occasionally we) put bags of deer corn out just so they will have some nutrition.  This drought really sucks for the poor little (and big) aminals


ctscribbler said...

Thanks for the new pix. Mom and Dad love them! Poor animals - they're lucky someone as nice as you lives out there.

AlanDP said...

Yeah, aren't the foxes cool? That's another animal that we never saw out here when I was a kid. I saw two red foxes before I was 10 years old, never again after that. These are gray foxes, I believe, which I first saw only about 4 years ago.