Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Fence and Crappy 'Cakes...

In an effort to beat the heat I got out early this morning and finished up the fence that I started a week or two ago.
The idea was sort of an afterthought really.  We made a little fenced in area so we could start a small garden in a raised bed.  As you can see, the garden hasn't been planted yet, but we'll get there.  Of course, it has been adorned with colorful butterflies, something that Eva thinks will attract real butterflies.  I suppose.
In hindsight, I probably should have just made the fence a full six feet high instead of cutting the boards in half.  Right now I have a trailer and a bunch of scrap lumber stacked behind it.  It is open enough that we can use it as a pen for the dogs or small children if need be.  
 But eventually, if I ever get a lot of junk, it would be better hidden behind a six foot fence instead of the smaller size.  Perhaps it is an incentive not to collect junk.  That and watching Hoarders helps.
Totally unrelated to the fence.  We stopped in a Denny's last night on our way home from truck shopping.  I have a long standing history (goes back about 10 years now) of boycotting Denny's due to crappy service.  But, ya never know what can change over a decade, so we stopped in.
 They have this "Build your own Grand Slam" thing where you order four items from the list of choices.  I got pancakes, bacon, eggs and grits.  Eva got pancakes, ham, eggs and hash browns.  I was totally underwhelmed and in fact, didn't even finish my pancakes.  Am I kidding me?  I always eat my pancakes, but these tasted seriously like crap.   But the service was good.  Either way, I'll stick with Jim's.

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eckisan said...

I gave up on them after the one at 410 and Culebra served me raw sausage years ago. Manager wasn't overly interested either.