Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Notes...

Oh, my!  Has another week gone by where I didn't have a spare minute to report the latest?  I suppose so.  That doesn't mean that not a single thing of great importance has happened, mind you, and luckily, I try to keep my camera handy to catch things as they occur.
This is becoming a more and more common sight along the route I travel daily on I-35 south of San Antonio.  When you combine the extreme drought conditions (I don't think I have even dreamed about rain in months), combined with the non-stop train of trucks hauling goods south (and drugs north), you are bound to have a blow-out.  The hot tires or sparks of metal or something combustible takes place and the dry, brittle grass ignites.  At least I want to believe this is the case.  I would seriously hate to believe that we could have people so in comprehensively stupid that they would toss a cigarette butt out their car window without realizing how dangerous the act of littering along the highway could be.  Insert crying Indian (Native American) here.
In spite of the drought, farmers are still producing some veggies out here.  We pass several farms that offer their produce from little stands on their property and after repeated requests from my wife, I finally pulled into one such farm.  Yea, if you want to help with the pronunciation of Verstuyft, please do.
 We went in in the late afternoon and there was quite a crowd of folks picking out fresh corn, peppers, onions, green beans and more.  I'm not sure if these prices were cheaper than the HEB down the road in Lytle, but it was cool to see people out in the fields picking crops and have them end up in the bins for sale without much more processing.  
 Two things that caught my eye.  If you had a huge appetite for the venison, what else are you going to do with all the antlers?  The entire place was covered in the things.  
And of course, I'm a sucker for fancy mail boxes.  I suspect this one isn't used that much.
Am I the only person who sees a tubby fellow on a small motorcycle and immediately thinks of Chris Farley and David Spade?  Apparently not.  My wife broke into, "Fat guy in a little coat" when we saw this guy.
I was pulling into the parking lot at work the other day and spotted this little gem.  Naughty lady.

Speaking of naughty.  We usually keep the bedroom doors shut in the house so the big dog and little dog won't sneak in and make use of the beds while we are away.  At night, one of them sleeps under our bed (Panda, the little one) and the other (Gracie, the big one) sleeps with her head under the bed but the rest of her body immediately beneath where I might step if I get up in the middle of the night.  She lives dangerously.  Anyway, if we were to leave the other bedrooms open, I suspect these dogs would skip hiding under the bed and go snuggle up with pillows and such in the other rooms, causing my wife to lose her mind!
Last night, our nephew Diego stayed out here and of course, he was joined by Gracie for the evening.  Apparently, he slept through this late night action.  One of the many dog toys succumbed to a liposuction of sorts, and all the stuffing was gone by morning.
Guilty for sure, but which one?
Perhaps our best bet would be to mount a motion sensitive hunting camera in the room.  Our first attempt at catching something wild out in our back yard proved only somewhat successful.

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