Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lunch Report: The Cove in San Antonio...

SOL was an often used military term that indicated that your luck had run out.  On a trip downtown to meet friends at The Cove, we learned that SOL Food is Sustainable, Organic, and Local.  And, as luck would have it, I was in the mood for a sustainable, organic, local bison burger!
 We have been meaning to try The Cove, a restaurant that grew out of a combination laundromat and car wash on West Cypress near San Pedro.  In fact, the only reason we have driven right by it so many times and not stopped is that we have been on our way to another one of the many excellent joints in the area.  But when friends suggested a late Sunday afternoon lunch, we were all for it even if the truck didn't need a wash.
Inside the food ordering area, they have a pretty simple operation.  You look at the menu, order and pay, receive a number to take to your table and someone will track you down and bring the food.

We first took a seat inside the bar section where a live band was playing but quickly realized that catching up with friends would be better done in the outdoor eating area.  Plenty of space including kid-friendly play area seating and a special corner for smokers away from the food.
After we ate and in between bands, we went back inside the bar to cool down and chat.  It really is an interesting local and suspect the bar can become quite the hip place to be later in the evening.  Yes, that is a painting of a nekkid lady swimming behind the drums.  

But what about the burgers, you must be wondering.  Good stuff indeed.  The Cove is famous for their fish tacos.  In spite of that claim to fame, we still opted for the burgers.  

That guy on the Food Network proclaimed the Lamb Burger, the best he had ever had.  And according to our fellow diners, he was pretty accurate.  Sorry about the picture - you mostly see bun, but the presentation in person is very nice.  And look at the sweet potato fries.  Add the dipping sauce, and you'll appreciate them that much more.
Eva and I both enjoyed the bison burger, her opting for the sweet potato fries and me going with the traditional potatoes.  Yes, yes, it is all the fancy healthy stuff that might make you feel a little bit like a hippy or something, but what's wrong with delicious food being reasonably okay for you every once in a while?  In spite of the fact that we didn't leave the table feeling like we were one artery clogging closer to a heart attack, we still loved the bison burger.

Haven't been to The Cove yet? Y'ought to give 'em a try.  You'll be SOL - in a good way!


Albatross said...

The Cove is famous for their fish tacos.

I don't know why that is. I've tried their fish tacos and found them to be just OK. Not great. Other places have better fish tacos.

Dave said...

Who knows - maybe they are famous the same way Chris Madrid's is so highly touted as being the best burger, when in reality, it is good but not overly great. A place gets a reputation and then suddenly people who have never actually been there perpetuate the good reputation.

I can't speak first hand to the fish taco, but the the bison burger was mighty fine.

Keith Alan K said...

A couple years ago the band I was with used to play at the Cove a lot.
The fish tacos were amazing.
It's a nice little joint.