Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Copper Thieves?

Nah, maybe not.  
I rolled into my parking spot at around 7:10 this morning, and this is what the water tower I have looked at most of the mornings of my adult life looked like - on its last day.
Just a little after 11AM when I was walking back to my office from a meeting in another building, this is what it looked like.  Wow!  

 And I stepped out a few more times during the day to take pictures.  Nobody could believe how fast these guys were moving.
 And finally, when I left work at 5:30 this afternoon, the demolition crew was still going at it.  Unbelievable.  Now what am I supposed to do if I get thirsty?


Anonymous said...

Buy a bottle of water? - Charlene

Albatross said...

Hold your mouth open when it rains? (Oh, wait ---- you'd still be thirsty, then.)