Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bullwinkle, is That You?...

We pulled into the parking lot at the H-E-B in Lytle yesterday afternoon to grab a much needed raspa from the guy who parks his trailer in the lot and offers cool relief from the hot desert wind.  It is not uncommon to see people parked in this lot, just sitting in their vehicles waiting to meet up with someone.  The HEB seems to be as good a public place as any out in these parts to hook up for that Craig's List transaction, so if the person claiming to want to sell you an old cell phone or gently used lawn mower turns out to be a thief wanting to steal your cash, there should be plenty of witnesses. And you can get a raspa while you wait.

There is no shortage of interesting characters or objects to see out here.  For example, when I happened to see a lady wearing low cut jeans and a shirt that was worn a bit too high on her back.  It wasn't the muffin top (standard in all of south central Texas) that caught my eye, but the intricate detail of the "tramp stamp" tattoo that adorned her lower back.  Oh wait, as I discreetly pointed the artwork out to my wife, that was not a tattoo, it was hair.  You would appreciate the fact that I did not include photos.
Anyway, there was a guy sitting in his truck apparently waiting to meet up with someone.  It looks like he had just finished with a little taxidermy action.  We actually drove up right next to the truck and could see that the exposed fur was real.  As my wife stood in line making friends with fellow raspa enthusiasts, a lady was telling her about the fact that there is an exotic game hunting ranch not far from here and also a guy that does taxidermy nearby.  That was one huge moose.


Anonymous said...

This is Charlene still having to post anonymously!

This reminds me of trips to the sale barn in the small town our farm was 6 miles from. Later when I got away from there I realized it was like a gypsy caravan on Saturdays.

Albatross said...

Oh wait, as I discreetly pointed the artwork out to my wife, that was not a tattoo, it was hair.

Oh ---- geez. Thanks for the mental image, Dave. And thanks for not including actual pictures.

Christine Macdonald said...

Interesting characters, is right! GREAT post!