Sunday, June 12, 2011

Breakfast Report: La Palmera near Lytle...

 It only took us six months to track it down but as of this morning, we have found The go to place for breakfast tacos.  Located about a mile southwest of Lytle on Hiway 132, we had driven by La Palmera numerous times on our way to or from Natalia.  The parking lot is usually full, a good indication that a place is worth a stop, but until this morning, we had found excuses not to stop.  That is over now.
To be sure, everyone has their own idea of what makes a taco place good.  I have a few key points that have to be met.  Freshly rolled, home made flour tortillas, just off the burner are a must.  Bonus points if there is someones grandmother in the kitchen making them as you order.  Look at these beauties.  Oh sure they are totally unhealthy, but there are times in life when ya gotta treat yourself. 
As is my modus operandi when trying out a new taco place, I start first with the carne guisada topped with a generous helping of government cheese.  Much to the dismay of my wife, I reported then and and I will tell you now; this was the best carne guisada taco I have ever experienced - in my life.  Naturally, my wife's carne guisada runs a close second.  Naturally.   If you love CG w/cheese on a perfect flour tortilla, you can appreciate how the meat and cheese seemed to melt into my bite of the tortilla.  There was no fighting the meat, and amazingly, the taco was not emptying itself onto my plate as my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head.  Thinking about it now is actually satisfying, knowing there is more where the last one came from.
My second taco is always the chorizo & egg.  One of the big problems that many taco places have is that they make up a huge order of chorizo & egg, then simply scoop it into a tortilla when one is ordered. You end up with hard, burnt chorizo and egg.   I'm guessing that at La Palmera, the meats are held separately and when an order comes in, the egg is cooked and the selected ingredient is folded in.  This allows for a fluffy, fresh, soft and hot taco.  To add to this, I think this chorizo was simply outstanding.  Once again, I am prepared to tell you that this chorizo and egg was quite possibly the best I have ever encountered.  Friends, I've had a taco or two, and I ain't kidding.  
The trifecta is complete only when I have engaged the country sausage and egg taco.  I'm guessing this was some Kielbasa sausage cut into random chunks and lightly cooked before being mixed with the aforementioned fluffy eggs.  Maybe not the best I have ever had, but certainly worth a repeat on my next visit.   
My wife had the potato and chorizo and agreed with me on the tastiness of this particular sausage.  I'm not sure if it is store bought, home made or just well prepared, but it is some good stuff. 
Our bill for five tacos, coffee, a Mexican Coke, and a small baggie of freshly made, melt in your mouth peanut brittle was about $12.00 and so well worth it.
We think there are a handful of good places to eat around these parts.  But the best breakfast tacos in our first six months of living out here can be found at La Palmera.  Seriously, a Tasty Treat.

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AlanDP said...

There's a new place between La Vernia and Sutherland Springs that actually has a buffet. Today they had barbecue brisket, barbecue chicken, and fried fish (don't know what kind--I'm not a fish person but my wife said it was good). A good selection of vegetables also, and very good sweet rolls. Buffet includes a salad bar. It was pretty good. It's called the Bluebonnet Restaurant.