Friday, May 27, 2011

A Round-Up of Sorts...

Has it really been more than 10 days since my last post?  I suppose it has.  Busy beavers, we are.  There is no such thing as an eight hour work day it seems, and there is no end to the things that must, or should, or could be done, once I get home.  But since I have a minute or two before I go unload cement and 2X4's from my truck on this rare day off, I offer a quick round-up of activities.

Did I mention I got a speeding ticket on a federal installation?  30 in a 20 is what they claim.  And $115.00 is what they get.  Good googly-moogly.  I did find out this morning when I plugged in my Garmin that my speedometer is off.  Yes, when I bought a new set of tires for my truck, the salesman who talked me into the bigger set of tires did not mention that it might require a speedometer adjustment.  So this morning when I was passing a guy on a small two-lane back road in Medina County at what I thought was about 85 mph, the Garmin let me know that I was doing 93.  Oops.   I might have to do some Internet research on the topic.  

You might ask why it is that I was on a small two-lane back road in Medina County, so I'll tell you.  First, I do live in Medina County these days, so that pretty much clears it up. 

But to offer a bit more, I was on my way to Hondo, the county seat, where the land appraisal office is.  Turns out that a lot of the forms and paperwork I had faxed to said appraisal office when we first bought our house never made it to the people who needed it.
My only experience with these things have been with Bexar County in San Antonio.  As we military folk are fond of saying, "Hurry up and wait".  When I walked into the the Medina Land Appraisal place, there was no line and as I waited for some ladies to finish up on the phone, a nice man came up and asked me how he could help.  I explained that I had received my appraisal for taxes in the mail and it appeared that they did not have my exemptions listed.  In a matter of a few minutes, one of the ladies came up, had me fill out a few simple forms, and the exemptions were on the way.  

Since I had all my house closing paper work with me, the man asked if he could see what I paid for the house.  He then asked me who the builder was and I told him, and he said oh yea, you got a good deal but we've appraised you too high.  He asked if I wanted him to fix it.  

This is usually where I expect a son of Allen Funt to jump from behind a large plastic Hibiscus and yell "Smile..."!   Instead, a few minutes later my tax assessment had just dropped close to a thousand dollars a year!  No need to file a protest, no need to call my Senator, the guy just pulled up the other homes that my builder had built near me and lowered my taxable home value by over $15K. I am pleased to say the least.
I left Hondo with the idea that I would return to Devine via Highway 173, but then I saw a sign for the town of Yancey.  I have been wanting to go to Yancey for years, just so I could see what was there.  

 On the way there, I saw a really spiffy entrance to a ranch.  I hope these folks aren't on the witness protection program, but I just thought it was pretty cool.  
So I get to the big town of Yancey, and I know I and there because they have a post office and a zip code.  The other half of the town was located right next door to the post office.
Honestly, this is all there is of Yancey.  The post office and the Yancey Country Store.  I stopped in to grab a can of Mango Iced Tea, and I asked the very nice lady behind the counter if there was anything besides her store in Yancey.  She asked, "Did you see the post office?"  I just love country folk.
 As I was leaving, this guy pulled in to the store.  I guess that's one way to get around if you run out of gas out here.

I also learned that the town was at one time called Tehuacana. The creek is still there.  What there is of the creek anyway.  Don't forget your fishing pole.
In addition to my business in Hondo, I also needed to get an inspection sticker for my truck.  I was back in Natalia when I saw this place with one of the state inspection signs out front.  I did have to honk the horn a few times to alert the guard dog that he should bark in order to arouse the owners from whatever they may have been doing away from the shop.  In a few minutes, we were in business and my truck was being inspected with great attention to detail, I'm sure.  Very fine work, indeed.  Naturally, I'll be returning here next year.  By the way, though I offer this in the same paragraph, I'm not necessarily saying there is any relation to Swamp People.  I'll just leave it at that...
Oh, the cement and the 2X4's? Yes, we are on another building spree here.  Not anything big or even good, but Eva and I have caught curb fever, and we have been making cement borders around our hedges and such. 
We also put a curb around our favorite tree to keep in the crushed decayed granite, and the next project is to create the same type of area under a set of trees on the other side of the yard.
I'm thinking the sun might need to go down a bit though, before I unload 12 eighty-pound bags of cement.


AlanDP said...

If Medina County is anything like Wilson County, you'll have to go "correct" your taxes every year. We almost had a lynching over it here a few years ago.

Dave said...

Corrections and lynchings are fine as long as we don't have to wait in line and the people are friendly about it.

That probably doesn't sound right, but you get my point.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will take..having problems commenting as you know..
but that's fine looking counrty out that way..small town living's the best.

Anonymous said...

oh it's me jacque

Keith Alan K said...

I once talked my way out of a legit ticket by claiming ignorance on the whole bigger new tires thing. The trick was working the tire angle into the conversation as if it had suddenly occurred to me. The kicker is that I had New York plates and got pulled over in Tennessee. And had long hair and electric guitars. Got lucky that day.
I think you should go to the land appraisal place fairly regular just to visit, since they are obviously fine folks who might just be a little lonely. Bring them a pizza or some tacos?