Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nature: Good & Bad...

We bought one of these humming bird feeder stands from Tractor Supply last week and it has provide quite a bit of entertainment for my wife and the dogs, all peering through the window for a gander.
It is hard not to find these little guys interesting.  We try to keep lots of bird seed out and our bird baths filled for the huge contingent of birds that keep our yard entertaining.  Of course with the heat and severe drought, things go dry quickly.

A while back, we ran a water line to the back of the property just to make it easier to water the trees and such.  Who would have thought that some little creature was so thirsty, he would actually bite through the hose trying to get a drink. 
Little bastard! 

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Charlene said...

A new invention! The hose method of bird watering.