Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dinner Report: Mama Lee's Soul Food on Valley Hi...

Eva has been watching our newest little grand-niece a few days a week and to save everyone a long drive, we have been driving to the Valley Hi HEB for the baby exchange.  On Friday, we realized that we needed to get some vittles for dinner, so why not drop into Mama Lee's Soul Food located in that small strip center near the HEB?
There was a sign above the door that listed multiple food selections, but Mama Lee had me at Catfish.  
Inside, the dining room is small and clean, and the waitress was as friendly as could be.  We were among three other tables of diners as well as another guy who came in for a to-go order, so I just assumed there would be a wait for our food, but surprisingly, the food was served just minutes after we got our iced teas.
Of course, I had the catfish and for sides, I selected the mac & cheese and some red beans.  A cornbread muffin was included.  When I took a bite of the catfish, my first thought was of Acadiana.  It was almost that good.  Instead of just being fried up and making you rely on tarter sauce for flavor, there was a blend of spices that really worked well.  The mac & cheese was brilliant.  Sorry the picture doesn't show it well, but this is not Kraft in a box, it is some form of baked multi-cheese situation and it alone is worth the trip.  The corn bread was not what I expected.  It was more like a cupcake to me.  Oh sure, I ate it.  The only real disappointment was the red beans.  I took two bites and lost interest.
Eva ordered up the fried chicken.  Of course I had a bite.  So tender and juicy, you could easily forgo the catfish in favor of the chicken.  It had a very thin coating that was nicely seasoned reminiscent of The Colonel, but the huge difference was that the chicken itself must have been marinated in something really good.  There is a better look at the delicious mac & cheese in this picture.

Dinner came out to about $10 a piece, not including tip, but the quick and friendly service made it worth the above fast-food prices. 

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