Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breakfast Report: El Crazy Burro in Lytle...

For some odd reason, each time we would drive by this place, usually packed with those tourist buses making their way from Mexico into San Antonio and beyond, my wife would see the sign and think it was called, "The Crazy Burrito"
But upon closer inspection, we found that the popular restaurant connected to the Days Inn Hotel is actually called El Crazy Burro.  Saturday morning, there was no sign of packed touring buses, and we made our move to go in for a little look see.
The main dining room where we sat was fairly small but it was pretty obvious that the have additional dining areas to accommodate the crowds.  The wait staff seemed friendly and the place was very clean; these are good things.  Eva really liked the booth seats fashioned from a Texas flag, and the fun painting on the table top.  
As we looked through the menu, I was thinking that the place could be sort of a temporary replacement for Jim's or IHOP.  I confess to having driven all the way to Alamo Ranch for some pancakes, and if they could pull it off at the Crazy Burro, why not shop local?  In addition to the regular fare of breakfast tacos and huevos rancheros you'd expect from a Mexican place, they offered a 2 pancake, 2 egg and 2 bacon breakfast that was just what I needed.  
I was pleased to see that the 2 pieces of bacon was cooked crisp and was actually about 4 pieces.  Bonus!  The cakes themselves did not look as visually impressive as the perfect formula presentation at a Jim's or Denny's, but once I topped them with my over-easy eggs and doused them with syrup, they were just fine.

I was negligent in obtaining a picture of Eva's pork chop, bean and cheese taco because at the time of delivery, they had failed to add the cheese and it needed to be returned for a quick tune up.  If it was me, I'd just ask them to bring me a hunk of cheese rather than send anything back to the kitchen - ever, but Eva seemed to trust these people.  And when she retrieved it, there were no visible signs of spit, so that was a good thing.  Her complaint was that the tortillas, advertised as being home made, did not seem to fit our definition of home made.  Also, given the rather small crowd, the wait time for our breakfast seemed somewhat slow, but I admit, I'm always eager to dig in.
We did see something rather entertaining, and that was a guy sitting at a booth nearby who had a HUGE cowboy hat.  You could hide a small band of Mariachis under there!
And I guess as his shirt says, size does matter!

I wouldn't travel all the way from Nueva Laredo just to drop in at El Crazy Burro, but we were intrigued enough that we'll go back and check out the lunch or dinner menu.  They seem to have catfish and burgers, so those are two areas I might have to investigate.

Do you know where a guy gets some good pancakes and maybe even some grits in the big Devine, Natalia, Lytle tri-city metroplex?  I'd sure welcome your suggestions and comments.

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