Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to Work, Already?...

It is not uncommon to see these really massive entry gates at farms and ranches along the highways and back roads of Medina, Frio, Atascosa and Bexar counties.  Some are designed simply to provide some structural integrity to the gate where others can be really ornate with true craftsmanship in design and artistic beauty.
I like the ones that catch your eye for something goofy. Do you suppose they have a 10 year-old daughter who can't seem to locate the toy horse she got last Christmas?
Speaking of catching your eye...  We stopped in at the new Jim's that opened up on 1604 at Potranco so we could grab a bite to eat before an important round of shopping at HEB Plus.  As you would expect, they still have some training to do, so if you are in a hurry for your vittles, give it a few more weeks. But that wasn't caught my wife's eye.
This was.  For the love of God, people, can we please refrain from exposing the crack?  Suspenders for everyone!
And speaking of things that don't fit.  Seriously?  We saw this guy headed north into San Antonio on I-35.  I don't wish to stereotype, but this is the sort of vehicle the State Troopers should be pulling over.  If that truck isn't loaded with foreign exchange students or bales of reefer, they should at least ticket the owner for inappropriate buffoonery on the roadway.
 You may not see this everyday in San Antonio, but in Lytle at the True Value, purchasing 2 x 4's in leather chaps is quite normal.  You never know when you might have to hog tie something out here. 


I had to go back to work today to recover from all the work I did over the Memorial Day weekend.  As a veteran, you wouldn't think I was lazy if I just sat at home and reflected on the sacrifice of others while enjoying an iced tea and re-runs of American Pickers on the History Channel, right?  Instead, we moved 4 yards of decayed crushed granite, installed 50 feet of cement curb, ran 160 feet of new water pipe out to the back, and ran 75 feet of underground electrical to our newest landscaping feature. 
 Since everything has to have a name (so says my wife), we decided on Gracie Land for this little piece of peacefulness.  Of course, our big dog is named Gracie, and she loves lying down in the cool crushed decayed granite.  
 The main thing to note is that we have the swinging tire, and baby swing to entertain any babies that visit us, and a glider that allows to people to comfortably swing back and forth.  During the naming process, Eva suggested "Swinger's Island".  I didn't even get a raised eyebrow lifted to full arch before she quickly decided that might not be a good idea.  Gracie Land it is.

You probably recognize that we have a whole lot of sand and very little grass.  As long as there is a drought going on, it will stay that way.  So, we figure we may as well get all the landscaping done now so we don't put down grass only to pave over it later. 

But one thing Eva did to spiff things up during my several trips back and forth to haul the rock was to stack firewood.  Doesn't that look really nice?
And this is what it looked like as soon as she started the riding mower next to the beautiful stack.  Somebody call OSHA!  So, after re-stacking, I put some wire fencing around it.  Problem solved.

Of course, not everything was hard labor in our camp.  For some yet to be determined reason, I was talked into roller skates.  
 I'm sore enough from the ditch-digging I did this weekend.  I'll tackle the pain and suffering from re-learning how to skate next week, maybe.

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