Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Report: Catching up and Random Notes...

Well, I suppose it has been a while since my lost post... this is what happens when there are far too many things to do and not enough time in the day to do them all.  Ya gotta cut back somewhere, but I'll try to provide an adequate recap to keep things going here.
Did I mention that today is our 26th wedding anniversary?  In celebration, Eva whipped up Cousin Shirley's famous wedding cake.  It really is good.  We won't dig into it until we've at least had breakfast though.
What exactly do you give the woman who already has everything, anyway?  Over on Facebook, there were suggestions of an iron and ironing board or a new Swiffer.  I went with a new sewing machine and even without diamonds or gold, it was a big hit.  I am quite possibly the best husband, ever!
 The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  We had our daughter come to town from New Jersey to drop off her dog Panda and her car (Roxanne's, not Panda's) before heading back for a military deployment.  
We had a big family get together on the Friday before Easter so everyone could eat brisket and say their goodbyes and such. Yea, nothing says "Enjoy your trip to Kyrgyzstan" like a chocolate fountain.
The day included rides in the trailer for the little (and big) kids, firing at innocent cans without mercy, and later, roasted marshmallows and s'mores. 
Yes, suffice it to say we made a day of it.  As my niece Erica can attest, a good time was had by all.

On Sunday, I got up and took Roxanne and her best friend from tech school, Shannon, to the airport.  Panda knew something was amiss and howled for 20 minutes, but I am happy to report that she and Gracie have settled back into their routine.  For those that don't know, Panda has lived with us before.  Once Roxanne got settled in New Jersey, we loaded the dog onto a plane and sent her to live in the much cooler climate.  I think she is enjoying the wide open spaces out here as opposed to the apartment life.


Back when I was a community organizer... I was among a group of folks who spoke at a conference at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio on the topic of Graffiti. I must have given my contact information to a lady in attendance and apparently, she saved it.  I got a call the other day and the nice woman explained our connection from a few years ago and wondered if I might assist her in regards to a new campaign she was undertaking.  Ridding San Antonio's District 10 of "swinger clubs".  

I had one of these "Fark" moments where you preface the headline with, "Having solved world hunger..." and then going on to state how researchers have spent millions of dollars on some insignificant thing.  I listened to the lady yammer on about how these types of places bring in a bad element into a neighborhood and then wondered exactly how she knew.  Anyway, I pretty much said that there were much larger issues facing neighborhoods that needed the city council's attention - namely, the rampant tagging which causes home prices to further spiral in an already economically depressed market.  She told me with, I assume a straight face, that no, swinger's clubs caused housing prices to go down much faster than graffiti.  Perhaps I should just change my number now.

Moving along... This is normally what I see on my way into work driving north east on I-35.  It really makes for a nice drive.
This is what I saw the other morning.  Yikes! Hope nobody got hurt.


One of the things we don't have out here is a huge selection of restaurants,  as evidenced by the fact that we have been eating at KD's at least once a week.  We need something with a little lighter fare if I want to maintain my fabulously curvy figure.  
 Eva found a place on Hiway 132 between Devine and Natalia called Wang's Wok.  Apparently, Wang's wanted to open up shop in District 10 but... never mind.  She did enjoy a nice lemon chicken and grabbed a menu, so perhaps we'll go back for dinner some time now that I know they have General Tso's Chicken. Yum!

And with the mention of food, it must mean I am ready to take my bride for breakfast. I think we are going to try the Crazy Burro, a popular restaurant in these parts.   

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Albatross said...

... swinger's clubs caused housing prices to go down much faster than graffiti.

What, do they advertise? With flashing neon signs? I always thought swingers clubs were more like Tupperware parties at the neighbor's house, not like strip joi----

Oh. Oh, I see.

Poor woman.