Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stoney Island and other Yard Work...

I know it is an old saying, but I can't wait to get back to work on Monday just so I can rest!  We wasted very little daylight this weekend and in fact, worked into the darkness trying to do battle with the huge pile of brush and simultaneously do a little landscaping.
Friday night, I went to town on the pile with a new 16 inch gas powered chainsaw.  Our electric Poulan died, my pole saw needs to have the chain replaced and the trusty Black & Decker is just too small (and too electric) for such heavy work.  My wife did find out that it has no problem cutting through a brand new extension cord though.  Good times.  Anyway, as much fun as it was to burn the excess limbs that couldn't be used for firewood (that doesn't really seem to make sense, does it?) we didn't burn anything Saturday or Sunday due to the fire danger warnings.  The wind can do a number on things quick.
We have a tree that sits a bit back into the yard that offers the perfect focus point from our bedroom window.  Of course, I'm gone before the sun comes up, but my wife enjoys seeing the view with this tree when she gets up in the morning.  And we love to sit out there in the evenings listening to the sounds of birds, coyotes and who knows what wandering through the brush around us.
Anyway, we decided the sand was a bit much and it was time for a little decomposed granite to help things out.  It took us three yards of the granite which meant I had to make six trips into Lytle and back to get it and get it unloaded before the place closed.  Not to worry, I finished the last trip with a good 20 minutes to spare! 
 Once everything was spread out and smooth, we added a fire pit made by a local welder, put some lawn chairs in place and took a little rest.  In a way, this little area forms sort of an island out in the yard.  Eva decided this would be called Stoney Island and before long, she will have a sign painted making it official.
And with that, we relaxed and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. 

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