Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lunch Report: Bubba's Burgers & Fries in Adkins...

I attended a luncheon for a friend of mine on Friday at a place we had been hoping to stop in for quite some time called Bubba's Burgers & Fries

 Located just inside Loop 1604 a tad north of Calaveris Lake, Bubba's is a bit of a drive coming from where I work, but it was certainly worth the drive.

To say the place is out in the middle of nowhere is only a slight exaggeration.  Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, I could see why some folks might enjoy sitting out on the patio sipping tea and enjoying a burger.

Inside, the decor is NASCAR.  But don't let that stop you if you aren't a Dale Earnhardt fan, what comes from the kitchen is all that you'll need to focus on.  

 The set-up is small, but certainly not the smallest place I've enjoyed a good burger.  I asked the owner about the hours and he told me they open Thursday through Saturday, just because they don't like to work!  The folks are super nice and given the size crowd attending the luncheon, they obviously have a system for getting food served in a hurry. 

I went with the 1/4 pound Bubba Burger and fries.  Check out the shiny bun.  You just know it is gonna be good - and it was.  The fries were cooked just right and the fresh bun was grilled just the way it is supposed to.  Add in some fresh fixin's and excellent iced tea, and you got yourself a Tasty Treat.     
 If you find your way out in the East Central School District area, Bubba's is worth dropping in for a bite!

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Sabra said...

Wait, there are people out there who aren't Dale Earnhardt fans? Heresy!