Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flea Report: South Texas Market in Devine...

I can't tell you how many times we drove right past this place thinking that it was just a bunch of random junk vendors set-up along the side of a not so busy Hiway 132 near Devine, not realizing that (as the map in the link shows) there was much more to it.  It is the South Texas Market and we finally stopped in for the first time this morning and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Years ago when the kids were younger, we used to hit the flea markets with some regularity.  My all time favorite was the Moursand Road market south of 410 on Moursand Road (wow, what a coincidence).  We would also hit up the Hiway 16 Market which as far as I'm concerned is not worth the buck or two it costs for parking.  We still have not made time to go to this new Traders Market just south of Loop 410 at Old Pearsall Road, and frankly, I can't see us going.  The point of a flea market is to look through other people's junk and find something that you need or think you need, haggle on the price a bit and then walk away with both parties happy.  This new concept of using a flea market being an inexpensive place to run a standard business selling new products just doesn't appeal to us at all.  Don't misunderstand.  If someone has a booth selling crafts or homemade jars of honey, that is fine.  What I'm talking about is when somebody uses the flea market format to open up their own version of the The Dollar Store where everything is mass produced in Korea, packaged, and guaranteed to be worth less than the non-negotiable price of a dollar.
So, make no mistake, STM is my kinda place.  Lots of other people's junk and loaded with character.

And without further adieu,  more pictures!
I love the dinosaur made of spare parts. It seems as though someone has a lot of spare time on their hands.  Lots of cool landscaping on the grounds.
Not to be outdone by the tall dinosaur, there was this guitar playing character.

And what flea market is complete without a small jail and an electric chair for shoplifters?  If the kids are being bad, bring them here for some Scared Straight action.  By the way, the sign above the jail says, "Law West of Chacon Creek".  Each time we drive past Chacon Creek, my wife and I argue about the pronunciation.  She knows someone with a last name of Chacon pronounced like "bacon".  I know a guy with a last name of Chacon pronounced "chuh-cone".  Apparently, one of these people doesn't know how to pronounce their own last name.
Where was I.  Oh yes, vegetables, junk and Rusty Nickles.  
 And some lazy dogs, an old jet ski and a spiffy looking bicycle! 
A good time was had by all, and we may make this a regular stop on weekends.


Sabra said...

I've never thought Chacon could be pronounced like bacon. I can't make my brain do that. I read it like you say it.

Anonymous said...

I say it normal He is just being silly cause some of our friend would tease and call her bacon OMGoodness ...

Unknown said...

Hey there fellow Texas blogger! You found some great places to poke around in. :)