Friday, April 15, 2011

Diego's Big Day...

No school in San Antonio today due to the Battle of Flowers Parade.  This is the bonus you get when you don't have to worry about making up for snow days; The school systems can shut down so everyone's parents can party! 
Our nephew Diego, you remember him - the one who likes to drive - decided that with Friday off, he should have his Aunt Eva pick him up so they could spend the day together.  I'm not sure of the exact order of things, but they did make a trip to PetSmart and to Books-a-Million so they could look for a book on wrestling. 
With those important missions complete, they were off to visit the grandmother known as G-Dawg for some vittles.  She makes a mean Carne Guisada, and I don't mean maybe.

After work, I joined in the fun and we took a drive to a few stores in Devine.  We had been in the Ace many times before, but today we checked out Devine Hardware where we found a handful of needed items.  Diego especially seemed to like the gopher poison I bought.

Sensing that he was hungry, we stopped into Rocky's and ordered a pizza of our own (as opposed to hijacking someone elses).

When we got back to the house, we played Frisbee with Gracie and then made minced meat of some old cans lined up on the beach.
And before it was time to retire for an evening, we took a nice little ride up the street to view a herd of deer (I counted 11) crossing several vacant lots. 

That makes for a Good Friday...

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That's what it's all about. Family