Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Scene of the Crime and Such...

A few notes that might be of interest...
We saw this guy walking along the side of the road.  Do you suppose he is a professional dog walker or maybe he is like a dog whisperer and the dogs are all following him because he has something important to tell them?  You sort of wonder when you see a scene like this; Wonder if he has more at home and he will be appearing on Hoarders anytime soon.  Well, at least I wonder stuff like that.
We ate at Top Donuts in Lytle this weekend.  I just wanted something besides tacos for breakfast and didn't feel like driving all the way to our Jim's in San Antonio
Did you know that the brown dot in the middle of the kolache indicates that jalapenos are involved.  As we sat there, I looked at the Devine Newspaper and learned about four venomous snakes known to be prevalent in our area.  This news of course made my wife want to abandon our mulching project and hire someone to come remove all the brush in our yard.  And she'd like for them to take all snakes with them, and spiders too, please.
Speaking of our mulching project, lots of progress this weekend, and only one huge, really big spider with big fangs that kept my wife awake all night.  I know spiders are our friends, but today, I had to go back outside and eliminate the threat with a few well placed BB's.  I guess the plan is, the other spiders will be very afraid of my close range BB skills and out of fear, vacate the property, probably on the next brush truck to leave.
So last week we had a little incident involving coyotes coming closer to our house than normal.  In fact, it was so bad that Eva swears she heard them running on the street in front of our house.  We have this cul de sac that extends out in front of our house.  Nobody lives on it - there are only four houses in a half mile radius of us - so there would be no cause for coyotes to fear wandering around on the street if they chose to.  
Anyway, we took a little walk and found this little guy.  I'm not sure this was the result of coyotes, but there was nothing else (no body - no bones, no nothing) there.  Who knows?
 Maybe the Natalia Police do.  We were driving in Natalia the other day and saw this little incident unfolding.  It was around lunch time, but I'm doubting the police were there to eat. I'm sorry about my crappy photography but my trusty camera has died and I am currently using my wife's girly camera.  It is pink and I did not want the police to see me using it.
 Finally,  You may have read in the newspaper over the weekend the story about Lupita Cantu. For years, I have wondered about this banner posted on a shed in the backyard of a house on Highway 90 near Lackland AFB.  Turns out, Lupita was found not long after she turned up missing.  Unfortunately, she was buried in Pearsall as a Jane Doe, the result of a murder.  Back then, police did not have the DNA capability that we take for granted nowadays.  I am happy that the family - including a twin sister - are now able to know that Lupita was found, hopefully giving them at least some closure.  Of course, this development opens a lot more questions for them, I'm sure.  Sad.


Albatross said...

It is pink and I did not want the police to see me using it.

Smart man.

So last week we had a little incident involving coyotes coming closer to our house than normal.

Coyotes? Fine. Chupacabras? Take pictures and stay hidden!

Dave said...

Coyotes? Fine. Chupacabras? Take pictures and stay hidden!

Clearly I am losing it. Why did I not consider the potential T-Shirt sales in making all this Chupacabras related? If anymore deer turn up bodiless, I'm going on the hunt for a frozen mange infected coyote, err.. Chupacabras!

Albatross said...

Bodiless deer will sell T-shirts any day.