Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Report: Catching Up...

I've been out of town for a few days so I thought a quick post was in order, lest you think I've been overcome by wild coyotes or something.

First off, my work took me to the fine town of Huntsville, Alabama.  Someone told me there are more rocket scientists in the greater Huntsville area per capita than anywhere else.  I don't know if that is true, but I met with several of them. The area is quite beautiful and as my colleagues and I drove in from the airport, I got the feeling that Huntsville would be a nice place to live and work.  In other words, the place was not covered up by the wrath of taggers nor overrun with bandit signs everywhere.  You can see, my needs are minimal.

I did eat at a few places in Huntsville, but no place worth taking photos of.  There was a restaurant located next to the hotel called The Lone Star where I had some sort of chicken covered in cheese. It was probably a rip-off of the Alice Springs Chicken they offer at Outback.   Not bad at all, really.  We also ate at a place called The SmokeHouse which was a little too high end for a BBQ place in my opinion.  I want my vittles served on paper plates with rolls of Bounty to wipe the drippings off my beard.  I guess not.  Located in a La Cantera like open area mall called The Bridge, they offered a lunch buffet of pulled pork, beef ribs, barbecued spaghetti, pasta salad and peach cobbler.  I had a little bit of each just to be polite.  Honestly, it wasn't bad at all and I was sure to clean my plate.
 In other news, we have been trying to do a little yard work.  I failed to mention that we put in 40 small rose bushes along the front fence of the property and 6 bushes along one side of the house.  One of our two neighbors out here told us that the fine folks at the Alamo Ranch Lowe's had let the tops of a lot of their plants freeze during the big cold snap, so at a buck a piece, it was worth a shot at trying to nurse them back to life.  Out of the 40, we think a total of 3 are not going to make it.  Not a bad investment.  
 The bushes were $1.74 each.  Aside from going into shock and losing all the leaves almost immediately, I think all six will have also been a good move.  Now I wish I had purchased about 10 more. This is a picture taken while we were planting them.  Apparently, one of the butterflies just couldn't wait.
We also did a little cement work.  The width of our driveway does not go the length of the gate and this has presented a problem of having to step down into the dirt when you open it.  I had our contractor pour a tiny slab to extend it out, but I wasn't home when he did it and honestly, it just didn't work the way I planned.  So, I extended it.  Now, you never have to leave the driveway to open the gate.  
We finally got around to putting up the swings we bought for Christmas.  Originally, we put a few up on a tree out back but it really wasn't ideal.  Now, they are all hanging from a simple structure located on the side of the house. And that is our son with the granddaughter.  She likes the swing, even when asleep.
 Finally, if you need to find our house, we put up a street number out front.  Amazing what a rock and some Liquid Nails can do for ya. 

That's it for now.  We have lots to do and I have a whole lot of little projects that need to be addressed; Oil changes to do, taxes to be considered, cement work to be contemplated, and a pitcher of iced tea calling my name. 

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