Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lunch Report: Juan's Tacos & Gorditas in Devine...

So we had several people tell us we needed to try Juan's Taco's & Gorditas, a tiny little shop on Hwy 173 in Devine.
 Our first attempt was for breakfast several weeks ago, but we would learn the hard way that Juan's isn't a breakfast place. 
Rest assured we were told, if we wanted some tacos or gorditas for lunch or dinner, by all means, Juan's would be worth a try.  Saturday was finally the day when the stars seemed to align and we were ready for a little gordita action.
Juan's has a very limited menu - they serve tacos and they serve gorditas.  While you can get some assorted drinks like iced tea or Mexican Coke, there isn't the expected rice or beans to accompany your selection of tacos or gorditas.   I like that; Keep it simple, my friend.
 This is a small place.  There is enough room to take your order from a person behind one of those doors that the top half opens, and then a small eating area. And when your order is ready, a voice from within a tiny little cut out in the wall calls out your order so you can reach through and grab the plate. 
 In fact, the eating area was only big enough for a few tables, and little did I know, I would be assigned cleaning duty prior to being served.
 And of course, we ordered gorditas.  I know, they look like some sort of hamburger type thing but if you have never had one, the entire concept is pretty tasty.  Imagine an extremely healthy corn tortilla deep fried in oil then split open so you can stuff in your favorite meat, some lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and tomatoes.  Now get rid of the extremely healthy part and you have a gordita.

I totally get how someone can crave one of these things, I just can't see myself ever eating more than one in any sitting, ever again.  My wife enjoyed the Picadillo on one and had beef fajita on the other.  I had a carne guisada with cheese as well as the beef fajita.  We both agreed that the fajitas needed work.

Overall, it was an entertaining experience.  Our 4 gorditas and iced teas came out to just over $18.00.  That's not going to break the bank for two people to eat lunch, but it was in my mind a bit steep considering you can get entire meals (rice, beans, tortillas included) for a lot less at any of the other local taco places.

Do you crave Juan's gordita?  Is there a better gordita to be had in the tri-county area?  Do tell.



Anonymous said...

No better gorditas on the planet! Juan is king. Always fresh, always consistent. My favorite are the beef fajita gorditas...I have never been the least bit disappointed. Juan for president!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Juan has the best Gorditas around!! I used to live near Devine.Then when I moved,I would make the trip to Juan's just for the gorditas. I usually would buy at least 10 gorditas or so for myself and to share.
I have not had any gorditas any where or better than Juan's. The best place in Texas to go. I say if Juan was to expand in San Antonio and larger cities,he would be a millionaire!! He would be known as the king of gorditas thats for sure. The price is fair and worth every bite!!